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PFF Round 1 Post Season Draft Grades

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  • PFF Round 1 Post Season Draft Grades

    Who were some of the guys you wanted that were available? I was all over McCaffrey, Barnett and Foster. I know McCaffrey didnt have a good YPC his rookie year....but he did exactly what i expected in the passing game. I think he could have helped this team especially with a QB under duress often. Rivers sure did make this OL look good at times. He would have been nice in the slot and an emerging presence spelling Gordon. Run blocking still would have made him look worse most likely here than in Carolina. But he was always about the receptions and safety valve. Return game etc. I think he will emerge as one of the best utility guys in the league. 100 receptions a year guy.

    Barnett decent not great.

    Foster was really solid.

    draft grade.jpg

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    I liked Solomon Thomas. Doesn’t look like he had a good year 53.2??
    Forget it Donny you're out of your element

    Shut the fuck up Donny


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      I wanted Solomon Thomas and Malik Hooker


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      I was huge on Thomas as well. But im talking guys that were available when we drafted. Surprised he didnt come in a kill it. ALmost makes me wonder about Phillips.


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        Phillips?? Adrian Phillips?

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      Haason Reddick is another guy some people were high on. Not that these rankings mean much, but am hoping that is the case and Mike Williams starts showing his value next year. I was high on Solomon Thomas.


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        I was a Thomas, Adams or Allen proponent.

        10 guys with less than 70? 1/3 of the round. 10 GMs with FAIL on their record. Even picking consensus top picks, you still have a high failure rate.
        Making the push


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          Even the good players have screwups.

          Reuben Foster, who just finished his rookie season with the San Francisco 49ers, was arrested and charged with second-degree possession of marijuana, according to the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff's Office arrest database.
          Making the push


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            You often see players who play well as rookies and then struggle to develop their game. Way too early to get too excited one way or another. Over time, you find out the real value of these picks, and most of them will be failing grades. Only time will tell if Mike Williams is one of them or not.


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              I wanted lattimore


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                Won't be surprised at all if Mike Williams makes a big impact next year.