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We May Be Down For A Few Hours At Some Point

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  • We May Be Down For A Few Hours At Some Point

    It might be today. Tonight. Tomorrow. I dont know exactly yet.

    But we are starting the upgrade and rebuild now.

    Ill keep you all posted.

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    Thanks for the heads up. Crossing my fingers for luck! I'll assume that we still have as the life boat.


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      That's it I'm outta here
      Hashtag thepowderblues


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        Finally! /\
        Go Rivers!


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          First the Bolts leave San Diego for LA and now Fleet is moving our forum! I blame:

          1. Spanos. He must have got to Fleet
          2. The metric system. Who knew it wasn't just a fad?
          3. Canada. I just don't trust them.

          Like, how am I a traitor? Your team are traitors.


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            I dont think we are moving anywhere....just getting new bells and whistles man!


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              We are not moving. Just upgrading to a better forum version. Just taking longer than expected. There are a lot of bugs. And i wont launch a new upgrade until i know its right.

              Be patient.


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                Originally posted by Heatmiser View Post

                3. Canada. I just don't trust them.

                You and the new President, his order was:

                1. Syria
                2. North Korea
                3. Canada

                Kind of took us Canadians by surprise, but on the other hand we are top 3 on a list or two. That's like 2 bronze medals in the Olympics.


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                  We will be upgrading again tonight from 5.3 to 5.3.1 There are quite a few updates in the new package. I dont know how many will be noticeable to you guys. Im hoping for some bug fixes. So we may be down tonight for a little bit. Weekends are slow anyways.

                  Also having code entered so i can move the search bar into the navbar. And spread the banner all the way across.

                  List of the upgrades and a screenshot of sort of how it will look. Minus the red box around the follow us icons. The icons may or may not happen. Need to see if that can be coded.