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Antonio Brown a Raider?

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  • Antonio Brown a Raider?

    Gruden is clueless
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    It would seem so Punchy.


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      All they need is everything else now.
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        Soon-to-be Raiders receiver Antonio Brownwas due to earn zero dollar and zero cents of guaranteed money over the next three years. Instead, he'll get $30 million, fully guaranteed.

        Per a source with knowledge of the terms of the looming contract restructuring, the Raiders will guarantee $30 million of Brown's looming payout. Also, the total amount he was due to earn through 2021 will increase from $38.925 million to $50.125 million.

        There are multiple ways to assess the new deal. Brown will make $16.7 million per year in hard dollars over the next three seasons. But when the $11.2 million is added to the $68 million in new money that Brown received two years ago from the Steelers, the new-money average on the entire deal spikes from $17 million to $19.8 million.

        Brown also can trigger $4 million in incentives, that would be paid in 2020 and 2021. If earned, he'll receive an extra $15.2 million over the next three years, and the new-money average of the deal he signed with Pittsburgh in 2017 will be $20.8 million.

        Regardless of how the cat is skinned, Brown had made $33.79 million over the last two years and he was due to make $38.925 million, with no guarantees. That number has now gone up by $11.2 million, with $30 million of the $50.125 million he'll make over the next three seasons now fully guaranteed.

        It's not a bad outcome for a guy who was tied to the Steelers for three more seasons, and who presumably had no leverage to either demand a trade or finagle a new deal.
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          They dump Mack and Cooper and go into full rebuild mode, needing a QB, and they make this move?

          Im glad Gruden is back
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            Raiders are adding money to Antonio Brown's deal: He now will have three years worth $50.125 million - with incentives to go to $54.125 million, per source.

            Where there was no guaranteed money there's now $30.125 million guaranteed, per source.

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              Originally posted by 21&500 View Post
              All they need is everything else now.
              coffee lol GIF


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                Gave up a 3rd and 5th


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                  Rich Eisen:

                  Mike Mayock's first deal as @raiders GM is to acquire Antonio Brown and make him the highest paid WR in the game just 2 months after he was reported to leave his team hanging in a must-win game.

                  Now that's a sentence I never thought I'd type.
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                    Mayock is a figure head as GM. Gruden makes the decisions.
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                      Hopefully this works out as well as Randy Moss to the Raiders did.


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                        I just hope that AB goes there and behaves like AB and that Gruden stays Gruden. This will be awesome to watch. If he doesn't get 25 targets a game imagine the hissy fits. The Raiders SO deserve this guy.......