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  • Why close forum

    Why is haters forum closed?

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      BKR i know you are reading this. When i see former members on other Bolt forums talking shit about me and taking personal shots at me and my cant come here and play the "I dont care about this community card". I tried my best to keep everyone together. At the end of the day it was cheap shots and hate towards me and this forum. Most off the forum only to watch some of you come here and participate. I actually thought there was a connection with all of us here. Even the non supporters. But that wasnt the case. There was no intercommunication on other forums. There was only hate and shit talking about supporters on that forum. Not what i ever intended for this place.

      So you are completely wrong claiming i dont care about this community. All you have to do is read the hate towards me on other forums. Its fucking weak. Its sad yes we have all been together for a long time. But the move happened. We are a Charger forum. We are not a Charger hate forum. There were plenty of opportunities for breaking bread in other forums between all members of this site. Haters chose to ignore those interactions. Showed me there was no connection between us any longer. Getting trolled by some of you haters was the straw. I was surprised some of you had that in you. Considering the amount of reported posts some of you would make over the years in the event you were personally attacked.

      Only to be hypocritical and take personal jabs when you are no longer a fan. Fucking pathetic. Cowardly. I was sad when the forum was split and tried to keep us together. But ultimately its hard to feel bummed out when the hate outshines the camaraderie of a forum that has been together a long time.

      Good luck to all former members. It wasnt personal. We are a Charger support forum. That forum was a turn off to many members. Yes i am a community guy...but i will support my supporters before l let the haters drive them off.