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    This was bonehead's idea. Actually a smart one. Especially from someone named bonehead.

    Anyhow, you can write about anything health related. Even erectile issues - I suppose. Well, maybe not.

    Maybe we could simply write about hurting/non-functioning stuff and others can give some MOJO (silently through their minds' eye) or prayer(s).

    Right now I am dealing with a tough case of lazy as shit-itis. I know it comes from my Prozac prescription as a side effect. I feel good - maybe too good - with the Prozac and it's made me so damned relaxed I feel like doing exactly nothing. I mean nothing. So I need some healing thoughts/prayers about having more motivation I guess. It's weird because I'm not really depressed. I just don't feel the need to go outside - hardly ever. But I want to want that. I want to enjoy nature and people. You can pray for that....please.
    For Stinky-Jon-Wizzleteats....

    "Pray for strength and healing oh and money!"