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  • NBA Playoffs 2017 version

    Love this part of the season. The best teams, in the biggest games.

    So last night the Celtics beat the Wizards in Game 7, to face the Cavs in the ECF.
    (I have no idea how Isiah Thomas can do what he does... it's just beyond explanation. He's a special little man.)

    WCF- Golden State up 1-0 on the spurs. Game 2 is tonight.

    After the draft lottery.
    -Here's hoping the Lakers land a top 3 pick. Top 2 would be better. If they get left out... that hurts a lot.

    Any thoughts on the whole Zaza injuring Kawhi controversy?

    I honestly, think it was just an accident. But what do I know. But he wasn't looking at him, or where his foot was going down... he was moving that way, and his head turned and he followed the flight of the ball while it was in the air. Just didn't look dirty to me.

    I'm hoping the Cavs destroy the Celtics. Not that I'm a Cavs fan, just that I still hate the Celtics. Old wounds do not go away easily.

    Warriors probably win game 2 tonight, without Kawhi, but I can see San Antonio playing like gangbusters at home, when Kawhi comes back.
    "...of course that's just my opinion, I could be wrong."

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    Zaza with that slide under changed that whole series
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      Cleveland destroyed Boston in game 1. It was almost a joke.

      2 thoughts:

      #1 although Boston had a nice season, and won more games than they probably should have, they are a long way from being a real contender. Adding one star won't do it. And it's going to be tough for them to bring a star in, and have Isiah be effective as he is. Right now, they just space the floor, and let him go 1 on 1 and use his quickness to get to the hoop, and/or draw a foul. No star is going to want to come and just sit around outside. I'm of the opinion for them to make the leap, they are going to have to part ways with Isiah.

      #2 LeBron is so freaking good. He's better than most people even realize. I was a LeBron hater when he first came in the league. His continual excellence has worn me down completely. He's on another level. It's like Bill Simmon's "Alien Theory". When the aliens come to Earth and challenge us to a game of 5 on 5 for control of the world, who is the first person you pick? It's LeBron.
      "...of course that's just my opinion, I could be wrong."


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        Celtics have 2 high pics and the money to bring in anyone that is available. I hate the Celtics but they are built to contend for years. They could even be in the Lebron market
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          Surprised by Celtics last night. Especially after Cleveland had beaten them so bad in first two games.

          However, I imagine the Cavs will be ready for game 4. LeBron had a poor game.
          "...of course that's just my opinion, I could be wrong."