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  • Triple stoned tonight. I watched the latest Avengers movie in 3D. Fuck yea. Lots of action. I don't think I knew who all the superheroes were or why things were happening; I just knew that everything that happened was cool. Well, except for this one stupid love scene, which was the ideal time to take a piss.

    Oh, word of advice: the part after the credits isn't worth sticking around for.


    • Some movies I've seen lately (all of them while super stoned - these edibles these days are insane). I put the movies in order of greatness.

      1. That documentary about Mr. Rogers. It was great to be stoned and be around a bunch of nice people who wanted to watch a story about a nice TV man. I hate to spoil the movie, but it turns out Mr. Rogers was awesome. This movie gets four Foutsies out of five.

      2. That Star Wars movie about Han Solo. Fucking rad. The story was predictable, but what did people expect? The new Han is totally Han like. And the action is on fire. Just make sure you are stoned when you arrive. Because I was stoned, this movie gets three Foutsies and a fourth-round pick. If I weren't stoned, it would probably be two Foutsies.

      3. Ladybird. I didn't watch this in the theater despite the rave reviews from everybody I know. I just hate movies about high school kids or kids in general. While I still hate most movies about high school kids, I didn't hate watching this one at home. It was pretty funny. Three Foutsies.

      4. The new Jurassic Park. Action was on fire. Plus, I'm always excited to point out Charlie Chaplin's daughter on screen and say I've seen her in a bunch of Spanish movies. Dialogue is as stupid as all the other Jurassic Parks. And, if Star Wars's plot was predictable and based on something awesome, the plot in the new Jurassic Park is predictable and based on a whole lot of other garbage plots. The action deserves four Foutsies. The plot deserves a Spanos. So that averages out to somewhere well below zero.

      5. I know I saw something else, but I can't remember what it was.
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        #5 was Memento, but since it came out back in 2000, it got 3.5 Harbaughs & a Moses Moreno.

    • I saw Ant Man and the Wasp. You should only see this movie if you meet one of the following conditions:

      1. You have seen the first one multiple times and would like to see the same jokes told in a different way.

      2. You didn't see the first Ant Man.

      I didn't meet the conditions so I shouldn't have seen the second one.


      • This real-life Arizona Dust Storm gets a Norv. The fire I had to report and the flying tree were intense. I love the lightning, but the lack of WiFi and the interment A/C loss are annoying. This isn't like my experience with Hurricane Isabel, which was somewhere between a Leaf and a Spanos.


        • Won’t You Be My Neighbor - really impactful

          Ant Man and Wasp - Funny, Light. Major holes
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          • Went to Venom with the kid last weekend.

            Enjoyed it! It wasn't great, and it was kind of cliche' super hero movie, but it was fun, and I enjoyed myself.
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            • I watched Mother on Amazon. It sucked.


              • Originally posted by thelightningwill View Post
                I watched Mother on Amazon. It sucked.
                I agree. When you have to read about a movie to find out what it is about, it sucks. The concept might work, but the execution didn't work.
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                • I would have been more entertained watching two hours of Norv Turner's interpretation of The Macarena.

                  I am a pretty easy movie watcher. I like all kinds of crap. Shit, I was high enough to enjoy watching decades of Chargers football. But even I had a hard time watching Mother all the way through. And Mother had great boobs. How does anybody make nice boobs difficult to pay attention to?
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                  • I can not say that I love these movies, but sometimes I watch)


                    • "Free Solo" is pretty amazing, even though you know what happened. I guess you can say controlled insanity drives achievement.


                      • I made a Free Solo thread. lol So amazing. Ive watched it multiple times already. My hands and feet sweat watching that climb.