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Thread: Frickin Ronaldo

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    Frickin Ronaldo

    Hes so good.

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    Ohhhhh schnap. LMAO

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    Pretty exciting extra time. Spectacular save by Neuer, but Ronaldo has had a couple of mishits in the box.

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    Gol Ronaldo. But he was offside.

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    He was offside. I made this post after his first goal. Then the own goal against RM.

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    I think this tap in goal seals the deal. Hat trick.

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    BM can't hang with only 10 men.

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    Horrible calls. Vidal shouldn't have got a foul, let alone a second yellow and Ronaldo was offsides on the go ahead goal before the implosion.

    Playing with 10 men in both ties. Eric Wynalda (SDSU) said it best, 'players win games, coaches lose them and referees ruin them."

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