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Super Bowl LV

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  • Originally posted by chaincrusher View Post

    Critty, how you can be so wrong virtually all of the time is astounding.

    First, I never maintained that the refs "wanted to get involved in the game and help Brady and the Bucs". What I said was that they made calls that were in fact bad calls that favored the Bucs. I also stated that that happened against Green Bay as well.

    Second, it is not just me that concluded that the calls I mentioned were horrible calls. Terry McAulay, for example, who refereed in Super Bowls, also concluded that the calls were bad. In fact, regarding the Mathieu INT, McAulay stated that the play was not defensive holding and that the call was inconsistent with how penalties had been called throughout the playoffs.

    Third, there are articles all over the place that are critical of the refereeing that took place. And upon looking at the "holding" that was called on replay several times, I agree with them 100%. The call was awful. This article shows the play:

    Fourth, at the time of the INT, the score was 7-3. That was a momentum changing play. Absolutely nothing had been decided by that point. The Chiefs would have had an opportunity to take the lead and build on that lead in the first half and then get the ball back to add further to that lead to begin the second half.

    Fifth, you have not even acknowledged your inability to engage in useful critical reasoning in asking me to point out the totally irrelevant issue of when the ref reached for a flag.

    Sixth, there is zero evidence that I made up anything. I stated that I believed that ball was tipped before what happened at the top of the route. The ball was tipped. That is not disputed. So I was either right or wrong about when the ball was tipped--nothing made up.

    Seventh, since there was no holding, it does not matter when the ball was tipped, though it does raise a rules question in my mind. The question is if offensive pass interference is negated by a tipped pass. If anything, the replay clearly shows Evans using his left arm to push the defender to Evans' right and then continuing to try to push off with his right arm (albeit ineffectively) as he spins around.

    Eighth, it does not matter which team controlled the line of scrimmage. KC is a big play team. They can get dominated in yardage and still score lots of points. For example, in 2018, both the Patriots and us held KC to under 300 total yards and yet KC still scored 31 and 28 points in those games.
    Didn't even really wacth the game.
    Not the same anymore.
    Calls have been questionable for years.


    • Originally posted by floydefisher View Post

      Here, let me share the 3 step blueprint almost any team can use.

      1. Double Tyreek Hill
      2. Double Travis Kelce
      3. Recreate Tampa's QB pressure via blitzing Mahomes all day long.

      Dare them to beat you with receivers like Sammy Watkins while Mahomes is running for his life and you have an excellent chance of winning.

      Originally posted by Xenos View Post
      But the Bucs didn’t blitz Mahomes all day long. Maybe 4 or 5 times. Basically the same amount that Bradley would do. They got away with it because their front seven could generate pressure, and also created the illusion of a blitz without actually blitzing. Not many teams have the personnel to do what Bowles did last night.
      I was gonna say, Bowles blitzed less vs KC tonight than he did against any other team during the season and the stats are there to back that up. But yup, that reply mostly sums it up.

      The real story was that the world-class front four of the Tampa Bay line went up against a back-up and injured KC OLine (and Mahomes's injury slowing him down a little). I wonder if Bowles did have some blitzing up his sleeve and more exotic packages until he saw how badly his front four was going to destroy KC's OL all game long and decided there was no reason to get fancy - a sign of a really good coach to stay disciplined like that. Fun fact additionally: one of the tackles blocking for Mahomes was the same one blocking for Carolina when they played the Broncos a few years ago in the Super Bowl. When four players (the DL) can dominate five players (the OL), it becomes mathematical at that point: you have 7 players covering five WR's/RB's.

      The thing is, when you can get pressure that fast (less than 2 seconds) rushing 4, that opens up double teams and zones on pretty much every one of KC's weapons. There is no need to blitz. In fact Mahomes has one of the best passer ratings against the blitz and blitzing may have meant one less person in coverage and an easier game for Mahomes. Double-teaming Tyreek and Kelce won't simply do it because Mahomes and the Chiefs have absolutely decimated teams when Kelce nor Hill have great stats because the ball gets passed around or their running game is highly effective. KC has a ton of weapons that will annihilate you if Tyreek or Kelce are being focused and covered. They have a lot of wins when either one or both of them only get 50-70 yards. Like last season there was a 5 or 6 game stretch where Kelce didn't even have a single touchdown and Hill was out and they still beat Baltimore.

      This all came down to TB's basic DL dominance against KC's pummeled reserve OL. The front four were able to do what they were good at and everyone else can double/zone, they didn't even have to run a spy because Mahomes didn't have enough time to even scramble for first downs due to the front four getting on him in 1-2 seconds. They didn't have to blitz because of the same reasons.They didn't have to worry much about the screen game because those require a ton of timing and coordination, not something easily doable without your main OL. Like I said, it was the perfect storm and probably would have been a far different game had KC's OL been healthy.

      Edit: This is a great summary of what I'm talking about. Watch the RB/checkdown and what happens when he gets even a little open (although the LB is already there) and where the four DL already are.
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      • Anyone else notice Mahomes leaning to the left during the 4th quarter? It looked very strange, maybe a neuroglial problem??


        • Originally posted by labound View Post
          Anyone else notice Mahomes leaning to the left during the 4th quarter? It looked very strange, maybe a neuroglial problem??
          I didn’t but
          Would it surprise anyone if he suffered a serious concussion and got the “unbiased third party” medical dr to pass him through protocol?
          No way Mahomes doesn’t play
          กกก SI SE SEWELL !!!


          • This:

            Originally posted by Boltnut View Post
            I loved it when Tampa Bay brought Joe Haeg in to play TE in their jumbo package... and they still had Gronk and Brate in.
            They told the Chiefs, "we're gonna run it... and there's nothing that you can do about it. I think the Bucs spent the whole 4th quarter in 2nd and 2.

            Meanwhile the Chiefs only came away with 9 points from their 3 trips to the redzone... they went full-tilt-Chargers in the Super Bowl. Couldn't run in the redzone... and 4.29 40 speeds didn't help when their was only 15 yards of field to defend.

            Tampa's LB play was phenomenal, too.
            The Chiefs put their tackles in place first, then came the wider receivers. The O Line is half the run game AND half the passing game. The WRs are only half the passing game....QB aside.
            Andy Reid played Tackle at BYU and started his career as O Line coach at Northern AZ.


            • Final thought on the game
              Reid was obviously off his game, mentally checked out, apparent to me that his son’s incident affected him more than he could overcome, and he wasn’t prepared to lead a team into a superbowl victory
              I give him credit for trying but I think he missed a unique opportunity to galvanize his players and give his team a more focused presence, by simply anointing eric beienemy the headcoach for the game.
              he could have double downed on his voucher for EB while modeling responsible (mental health response) and professional actions.
              Players would “win one for big red” instead of looking for answers at Reid’s non responsive self.
              Reid was close with Favre, who famously played days after his father passed, I think Reid felt obligated to be there, as he should, but I wonder if he regrets not taking advantage of that opportunity in hindsight
              กกก SI SE SEWELL !!!


              • Originally posted by FoutsFan View Post

                The Chefs were bailed out by the refs play after play. Their O line was holding like mad, there should have been a holding penalty on at least 2/3 of the Chefs passing plays. The refs helped keep the Chefs in the game to make it as close as it was. If not for the refs putting on blinders the game would have been 56-3 or worse.
                I have heard prognosticators say the Chiefs got away with many holds against the 49ers last year and I believe they did.


                • Originally posted by FoutsFan View Post

                  Bad non calls are just as bad or worse that bad calls. As bad as the Chefs line was yesterday, there was blatant holding on almost every play that should have been called on them. If you did not see any non calls go in the Chefs favor then what can I say other than you did not watch the game at all, and therefore have no legitimate opinion on the game.
                  Lol. If the Chiefs were holding they are even worse at holding than they are at blocking cuz Mahomes was running for his life every time he dropped back. I don’t think so


                  • Even still the queefs o line was holding Alot against the Bucs


                    • Originally posted by Boltgang74 View Post
                      Even still the queefs o line was holding Alot against the Bucs
                      Big time


                      • Vita Vea is a a beast.

                        Chargers need someone like him


                        • Originally posted by NoMoreChillies View Post
                          Vita Vea is a a beast.

                          Chargers need someone like him
                          Good player !