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Welcome Josh Palmer, WR, Tennessee (Pick #77)

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  • Originally posted by Pat_Swindle View Post

    I'm too much of a forum newbie here. Still learning the ropes, but duly noted on the free trip to Cabo. Sounds wonderful.
    We are certainly stoked you are with us.


    • Originally posted by chaincrusher View Post

      First, I merely said that Herbert usually did not come to Guyton until late in his progressions. That was simply what I believe to be a factual statement. And while I certainly believe that Lombardi misused and underutilized Guyton, it was not necessary for me to emphasize that to establish my point which was nothing more than Guyton usually came late in Herbert's progressions. That alleged fact was all I needed to establish my point.

      Yes, I know that the team cut K.J. Hill last year. The second speedy WR I was referring to without naming him was Tyron Johnson. The fact that they cut K.J. Hill last year makes their failure to keep Johnson even worse than the idiocy that it was when it first happened. The difference between talent (Johnson) and not talent (Hill) was clear from moment one and Staley just blew that one.

      Having Johnson would have provided that second speedy WR that I referenced to run clear out type patterns for the crossing routes of Guyton. It also would have given us a second speedy WR to run those crossing routes. All of this would be much better than Allen running deeper crossing routes as he did last year, which resulted in multiple INTs basically because we were stupid in our personnel allocation, which was something I first began noticing and posting about pretty early on least year with what Lombardi was doing. But again, I think Lombardi did do a very good job with how he used Williams, so he gets credit for that.

      Regarding my "in fact" statement, I stated that I think there is a good chance that Guyton's separation may have been even greater on plays on which he was not targeted. "In fact" refers to the fact of what I am thinking and I am 100% sure I know what I am thinking. People are free to challenge whether or not what I am thinking is correct, but they would have to have their heads pretty far up their backsides to suggest that I do not know what I am thinking and that they somehow do.

      And until my previous post, I do not recall ever specifically addressing Palmer's ability to be physical in terms of attacking the middle of the field. But I do agree that I believe Palmer is more limited in his ability as a WR than others on this forum seem to think.
      Thanks for both repeating your prior arguments and revisiting the Tbilly topic, because we didn’t get enough of you harping on that one last year. I knew exactly who you were talking about, there is literally no way any TPB member could ever forget after your season-long Tbilly bludgeoning. But we are talking about this year’s WR group and you are harking back to Hill and Tbilly. All i can say to that is thanks.

      You’re consistently self-contradicting. You say you think something, then proceed to call it fact. Don’t parse one single sentence in one single post - you’ve posted hundreds of times with emphatic statements of absolute fact. And claiming non-existent data is probably even better is just stupid, you should stop. Really, just … stop.


      • This is just starting to bring us down i think. Its been a good run. Aloha.


        • Kennan Allen scratch, son switched to Palmer who received one target on his fantasy team, luckily, he had Eckler and Pierce.

          Keenan will be activated week 7 if he doesn't have any setbacks in practice this week. Wouldn't surprise me if that actually helps Joshua Palmer who won't see the #2 CB. Good news for Chargers.
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