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Broncos @ Chargers Game Day Thread / Post Game Discussion (Wk 17)

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  • Broncos @ Chargers Game Day Thread / Post Game Discussion (Wk 17)

    Go Bolts!


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    Taking two 13-year-old boys on a 280 mile road trip to see their first professional football game. We'll be walking them through Thunder Alley and visiting the team store to outfit them in Chargers gear before the game. I can't wait to see this experience through their eyes.


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      I fully expect a much, much more focused team today than we saw last week. We need to take care of business and play with some urgency.


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        (Channeling Northern Lightining again - ) A little chilly on the morning walk today so have the hot beverage in my starbucks cup ready for the day

        Play a good game boys - need a big win
        and to quote BoldDieHard: F**k the Broncos

        oh yes, Rams and Titans, it helps if you both win - so do yourself a favor and win today


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          Qualifying game.
          Finish the season strong.
          Go Chargers.
          Genius ?


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            Meh can’t say I’m excited to watch our garbage ass defense make Drew Lock look like Joe Montana or Melvin Gordon look like a $13 million dollar a year player.

            Oh how I miss the days of battling it out with Jay Cutler for a 8-8 division title.



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              How about a win over the Broncos? How. about the Chargers going to Las Vegas, a week later taking care of business there? Who’s for that?

              Staley loses either of these two games, then I question Staley….as our HC. Don’t gimme crap about personel and depth.

              Oh wait! Staley is beyond reproach. It must be TT! It must be something other than the HC. Of course !
              Gimmie nothing but elite talent…I can run this team on auto pilot. Who needs talent at the coaching level? Just have better players!
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                Can’t help but remember LA article about Ekeler as embracing the scene. Great! Is that where you got infected? Taking it all in?

                Chargers miss the playoffs because…”don’t mess with me and how I act.” NFLPA got my back.”

                Ekeler please…we miss you. Stay at home for the next 7 days. Maybe you play against the Raiders.
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                  Not sure if just because its the new year but I have good feeling about today. Chargers, Rams and Titans all going to win"!


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                    Go Chargers!!!


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                      The Bipolar Bolts play once again, and today the GOOD Chargers show up. Bolts 38, Donks 23...


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                        Preemptive screeching on the GDT, how fun.

                        Fuck the Broncos and Fuck (you know exactly who you are). Big Bolts Win!