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Superbowl Thread...Rams vs. Bengals

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  • Superbowl Thread...Rams vs. Bengals

    Where the heck is the SB i missed it.

    I think the Rams win easily mostly because of lessons learned when they lost a few years ago. And I don't think Cincy can handle the Rams pass rush.

    That said...I have a big screen in the living room...never use it...unplugged the cable years ago...just use Youtube Tv/Netfflix etc.

    But for the SB...I like the big screen. Its on antenna. I noticed...the sound of the people speaking is delayed when compared to the mouths of the people talking...thats weird...I don't remember it being like reminds me of one of those Godzilla movies dubbed over in english.

    Can't get anything for free anymore.

    Whats your game prediction?