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Bolts Interested In Urban Meyer For HC? - Hired by Jaguars

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  • Originally posted by Lyth View Post
    My question is why the Jags? I know he had a history in the area, but I'd really like to know what separated them from us. Ownership is obviously better there, but their roster is at the bottom.
    I'm guessing since he used to coach at Florida his family must like the area. Also no state tax unlike the high taxes of CA.

    Khan may have also backed up the brinks truck to his house and promised some level of roster control which he will never get here.

    So FL which is good for his family, Khan paying whatever he asks, roster control, no state tax and a new young QB in Lawrence.

    Not a bad gig if you ask me.


    • Originally posted by jaguarmanftype View Post

      To be fair to Saban, he didn't sign Brees for the same reason we let him walk. Assuming he didn't have the injury, we'd probably have a Joe Montana/Steve Young or Brett Favre/Aaron Rodgers dilemma on our hands in 2006 and I'm not so sure Rivers would have won out that year.
      Dude, the Chargers had a backup plan named Philip Rivers. It wasn't that much of a gamble to let Brees walk.

      Saban chose Dante Culpepper over Drew Brees. That is a level of stupidity even I can't fathom.

      It's like choosing Mitch Turbisky over Patrick Mahomes. Yeah, we didn't know if either of them would be any good, but I think it was a pretty sure bet Turbisky wasn't going to work out.