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    Originally posted by sandiego17 View Post
    Spurs - I mean, they're trophy cabinet consists of putting the pressure on rivals.
    Hmmm, makes me think of a certain team. Thanks for the thoughts... that's why for me its hard to pick one.


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      If you watch long enough a team will pick you. When I first started watching seriously Liverpool had player manager Kenny Dalglish, John Barnes, John Aldredge, Peter Beardsley. Loved those guys but it did end. So I justI watched everyone and didn't truly support anyone.

      The old Leeds teams, Wimbledon Crazy fucks, Millwall and their Knuckle dragging hooligan fan base. Never liked ManU or Chelsea, Didn't mind Arsenal under George Graham, the Wenger "French" version not so much. Norwich found me. Proper local football team.


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        I was watching the Spurs, mostly because they were on NBC a lot, and also they had Harry Kane, and Dele Alli, guys I recognized from the English national team, from watching the last World Cup, as well as Son from Korea, but they seem to be just short, and under their potential. Also, seems to me the fan base is not as involved, but I don't know. I've never liked ManU, maybe because they seem like the Yankees, and have the Chevy bowtie, which for some reason turns me off on a futbol kit.

        Maybe just being a neutral in watching the Premiere League is ok. The Chargers are the only sports team (other than the USA national teams) that I have any emotion for, or have extremely high expectations for (like the Lakers and Barca... as long as they have Messi). Wake me up when the Padres and baseball aren't boring, lol.


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          Originally posted by chargerkdb View Post
          Millwall and their Knuckle dragging hooligan fan base.
          Crazy to think that the hooliganism is still so prevelant amongst that fanbase. Was it during the last FA Cup that a millwall supporter stabbed a bubble blowing hammer? Other than miscasting Elija Wood as some sort of convert to hooliganism, Green Street Hooligans is quite entertaining though.


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            Originally posted by Bolt-O View Post
            Also, seems to me the fan base is not as involved, but I don't know.
            They were completely outnumbered in Madrid, at least 10 to 1, but all the Spurs fans I encountered were very cool, happy to be there. There is a pub in OB for Spurs supporters I happened upon when bored duing my kid's academy training one morning at Robb Field, The Harp on Newport. It was funny, nothing like the supporters of of the other so called top-6, Chatted with the owner, Irish Chelsea supporter that really prefers Rugby to footy anyway. Good guy. Not sure what any of that has to do with anything, but oh well, lol. Princess (the good guys, LFC), Bluefoot (Arsenal and I believe Aston Villa), of course Shakespeares (Chelsea, Man U and general EPL and all footy) and O'Briens (USMNT, and I suppose USWNT) whose owner is a big LFC fan but the pub is pretty agnostic are all great places to catch a match and figure out how much more fun it is to support Liverpool than those other clubs, lol.


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              Canaries less than 24 hours from putting a dampener on Liverpuds title run.

              3-2 Canaries. Hey I can dream right. Farke said this team built to attack. Parking the bus will just get them relegated. They need to score goals and get wins not grind out 0-0 draws
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                And Canaries score first goal of EPL season. An own goal.....ughh


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                  Oh well. Guess we will have to reverse it at Carrow Road


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                    A little late, but posted this on another board prior to the kickoff

                    Season kicks off on Friday, August 9th with The Champions of Europe taking on newly promoted Norwich.

                    The domestic season was fantastic in 2018/2019, with Manchester City winning the league title on the last day of the season on 98 points will Liverpool finished with 97, an incredibly intense and exciting title run. 2019/2020 should be fun as well. City keeps signing 50MM backup fullbacks and 70MM backup defensive mids because PP and his sheikh backed team won't be happy until they have three starters at every position. Love how he pretends that they're not cheating the system while facing a European ban for cheating the system. And all that only got them bounced out of Champions League by both Liverpool and Tottenham in the past two seasons. PP is the master of using an extremely loaded, far superior squad over a 38 game season, but not so much in a two game tie when tactics are more important than having the best roster by far. Fuck PP. Liverpool goes the opposite route to Citeh and pretends they're broke despite posting record profits in consecutive years and only signs 2 kids under 17 and a backup keeper on a free. Fantastic. 16 year old new signing Harvey Elliot hating Harry Kane is fun though. Speaking of Kane, Spurs apparently are now 'bulletproof' having spent over 70MM on one player and over 150MM on 3 new first team players. Anything less than a domestic and European double would be a failure, because, well, 'bulletproof.' Chelsea loses Hazard and replaces him with the Great American Hope, Christian Pulisic and loses a competent manager to Juventus and replaces him with F'n Frank Lampart. Oof. Arsenal finished 1 point off top 4 last year, and considering that is the epitome of success for the Gunners, they went out and got Nicolos Pepe, David Luiz and Kieran Tierney to try and get that 4th spot so they can lose in the Champions League Round of 16 again and again. And then there is Ole's Manchester United. After being linked with the likes of Dybala, Erikson and Koulibaly they ended up with 3 British players; an unproven and overpriced Wan Bassaka, an extremely overrated and ridiculously overpriced Harry Maquire and someone called Daniel James. Oh, and they sold all their goals to Inter Milan. Poor Ole, good luck skipper! Battle for 3rd and 4th between Spurs, Gunners, Chelsea and the Mancs will be interesting. Spurs and Gunners is my pick, the two with the most competent managers, but who knows?

                    Big 6 ties for Gameweek 1

                    Norwich v. the Champions of Europe - Liverpool shouldn't be bothered much
                    West Ham v. Man City - Hope the bubble blowing Hammers can get something of PP's sheikhs, but that's highly doubtful.
                    Spurs v. Aston Villa - European runner ups vs. a newly promoted side. Kappa though, awesome kit for a pretty big club in Villa. Sadly, the Villa kit is probably more interesting than the tie.
                    Newcastle v. Arsenal - On paper, complete mismatch. But the Gunners away from London? If Rafa was still managing Newcastle, would think they could get something from this, but he's not.
                    Man United v. Chelsea - Some fan bases' head will explode, regardless of the result, and its only week 1.

                    UP THE 2019 CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE SEXY REDS, LETS GO!!!!!


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                      UEFA Super Cup at Noon PT on Wednesday the 14th in Istanbul, the continental version of the Community Shield (not a big deal).

                      Champions of Europe Liverpool v. Europa winners Chelsea

                      I could see Pulisic getting his first start for his new club against his old manager, but then again, who the F knows what Frank Lampard is thinking? Liverpool without the best keeper in the world after Alisson got hurt taking a goal kick v. the Canaries and Chelsea most likely missing Kante, quite easily their best player at this point.


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                        We've conquered all of Europe...we're never gonna stop, from Paris, err, from Madrid down to Turkey, we've won the fucking lot! ALLEZ ALLEZ ALLEZ!

                        Choppy game, but the good guys win another European Trophy, another shootout in Istanbul (although 2005 was infinitely better). For the USMNT fans, Pulisic was fantastic in his first start for the losers, but Kante is still easily the best Chelsea field player, so good and so underrated. Lampard obviously exaggerated Kante's injury issue.


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                          First week of the season went pretty much as expected, Liverpool ran off to a 4 nil lead before winning 4-1, conceding a meaningless goal after the best keeper on the planet went off injured. City absolutely smashed the bubble blowing Hammers 5 nil and look every bit the formidable domestic squad they've been since PP decided that his team needed to spend a net billion pounds to make sure their C team could compete for the Caribou Cup, Spurs were getting embarrassed for 71 minutes, but ended up beating Aston Villa. Arsenal didn't concede a goal and eventually scored one to get by Newcastle and then Chelsea shit the bed against Man United on Sunday, losing 4 nil, was forced to travel to Istanbul for the Super Cup on Wednesday, a game that went to extra time and ended around 1am Thursday morning, lost in penalties, and then has to fly back for a game Sunday. The English FA never does the teams competing in Europe any favors like the other associations do in other countries. Speaking of the English FA not doing the teams competing in Europe any favors, on to the gameweek 2 big 6 games:

                          Southampton v. the Champions of Europe and Super Cup Champions - Liverpool was Chelsea's opponent in that Wednesday game that ended at 1am on Thursday, and a prize for winning the supercup, gets to travel on Thursday from Istanbul to England and go to Southampton for a game on Saturday. And for the second game in a row, a keeper gets hurt, this time when a celebrating supporter slid into the keeper trying to evade security injuring Adrian's ankle. At least the game wasn't Friday.
                          Arsenal v. Burnley - Arsenal at the Eithad against a team many expected to be in a relegation battle looks lopsided on paper. But Burnley and Sam Dyche can be a pain in the ass and have no issue playing dirty and trying to grind out results. Still see Arsenal easy despite Burnley's brilliant start in week 1.
                          Man Citeh v. Tottenham Hotspur - Normally you would expect Citeh in Manchester to be difficult to beat, but everyone knows that if Spurs spent 70MM on one player they would be 'bulletproof', they not only spent that 70MM on one player and apparently he is now the greatest player on the planet, they also spent another 80MM on a couple more players. Anything less than a Spurs romp would be a failure for Tottenham. Good luck. Sincerely, good luck. Really do hope they take points of Citeh.
                          Chelsea v. Leicester City - Huge game for both Frank Lampard and Brendan Rodgers. Really interesting matchup made more interesting by Chelsea having played Sunday-Wednesday(into Thursday)-Sunday. Pulisic played fantastic in Istanbul, deserves another start.
                          Wolves. vs. Scum - Another really interesting match up. Wolves are doing really well in the Europa qualifiers and see themselves competing with the big 6 and have, easily, the better manager. United coming of a big confidence boosting win over Chelsea. Anything goes here, Wolves have a very good chance to get something of this game. In 2018/2019 they took points of everyone in the big 6, except, of course, the 2019 CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE SEXY REDS!

                          LETS GO!!!!