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Congratulations Trevor Hoffman, Hall of Fame

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  • Congratulations Trevor Hoffman, Hall of Fame

    Along with Chipper Jones, Vladimir Guerrero, and Jim Thome.

    79.9% of the ballots, up 6% from last year. Jones and Thome are first ballot.

    San Diegan Alan Trammell, and Jack Morris were selected by the Modern Era committee earlier.
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    Congrats to Trevor, well deserved!


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        Trevor Hoffman doesn't get enough credit for having the coolest entrance or pretty much the coolest anything baseball has ever had. He even topped Charlie Sheen.

        The League's biggest problem is it hypes the wrong shit. Not everybody gives a fuck about the Yankees or Red Sox. Most of us would rather see 60,000 people screaming ACDC lyrics at a scary-faced dude running towards the pitcher's mound. Chicks dig the change up.

        Baseball should stop trying to fuck with its rules and tradition, and just market itself better. The League's ratings haven't fallen because there is anything wrong with the game itself.

        Don't speed up the game. Don't add playoff teams - you already have too many. Quit it with interleague play.

        Just expand your target audience. Not everybody is a Yankees or Red Sox fan. Everybody loves a player who thrills the shit out of 60,000 people just by having a single note played over a loud speaker. Yet, I bet most casual baseball fans never heard of Trevor Hoffman. We just know when New York and Boston are going to play.

        NBA is more successful than baseball because it markets its best players, not just its most popular teams. Nowadays, we know a lot more about a guy who plays in Cleveland and others who play in Oakland and Houston than we do about when the Lakers or Celtics should be worshipped.
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          I agree about interleague play. It makes things look stupid. Save the interleague for the World Series.


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            And congrats to Trevor. I have to admit I was sad when he donned another uniform (Milwaukee) at the end of his career. That tells me I loved the guy.


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              Not a Padre fan here (Reds fan) but many of have seen my posts on the Chargers forum here so you know that I am a Charger fan. Now with that said even as a fan of another team watching Hoffman over the years just dominate the other team in the 9th inn was something else. Especially against my Reds. I would be watching a game and you would pray that you would have a lead going into the 9th inn because if the Padres had the lead the chances of you winning were slim and none. There is a reason why he is considered the best closer ever in baseball. To think that at one time he was Red and had the kind of career he did makes me wonder what the reds were thinking when they let him unprotected in the expansion draft. Obviously the Padres saw something in him that the Reds did'nt. Now I'm not sure if the Reds still had the Nasty Boys still but that is the only reason I can see us not keeping Hoffman. He is a class act and as Reds fan I am happy he is in. This is how you get into the HOF, not by roiding up or cheating but playing the game the way it was meant to be played. BTW you should watch the video of him getting the call to let him know he was being inducted into the baseball HOF. Maybe the HOF will wake up and put Rose in there obviously not as a Manager but as a player because imo there will never be another player to match all the records Rose put up in baseball.


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                Rose should be in, but there must be something that he and the commissioners know that is currently preventing it, otherwise Rose would be more bitter and vocal about it. His lifetime ban will be lifted at the end his lifetime

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              Great speech by Hoffy, and props to Bruce Bochy to go to Cooperstown to be there with him. I hate to say this, but we won't see another HOF'er from the Padres for probably the next 20 years.