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Aztecs Rule. Gentrification Drools.

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  • Aztecs Rule. Gentrification Drools.

    Okay. We only rule because we are us, definitely not because of our football team. Six points against Weber State? We got lucky on the kick return penalty. Otherwise we might have lost.

    Oh well. At least we are undefeated. Go team. Win or lose or lose and lose, I am rooting for you. Just don't move to L.A.

    Onto other news about how San Diego has remained on the decline for decades. I blame it on the rich pricing out all the cool people and leaving us with a bunch of panty wastes. We already can't drink on the beach anymore. The Pads don't have a parking lot to drink in anymore. And now even San Diego fricking State wants to poop on the party.

    I love the newish downtown library, but please stop making the whole city a place for rich nerds who have no sense of the once affordable and now disappearing San Diego lifestyle I grew up in. And don't tell me all these anti-fun laws are about keeping us safe. We all know it is to price us poor slobs out by making us spend our money on overpriced beer in stadiums and bars. By the way, if you are charging me $12 plus a tip for mediocre microbrew outside Petco Park, get more servers and more space and turn down that Millennial music. I shouldn't have to wait 20 minutes for a beer in a corner asking my friends, "What!" over and over because I can't hear what they are saying over the mumble rap that nobody in the bar is listening to.
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    Wooooo! SDSU 23-14 over UCLA. First time ever!


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      Great win.


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        Way to beat the city of Spanos. Yay San Diego State.


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          Fire Ants defense is off to a hot start. I hope this how it will be all season, but we have had similar starts that have fizzled as time progressed in recent years.

          On the good side, our team has a nice record against the Pac 10 in the Rocky Long era. If the bottom half of the Pac could dip out and form a conference with SDSU, the Aztecs might finally be able to dominate.


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            Aztecs, 3-0.