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Props to Cleveland and the Browns.

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    They are a good team all around they are going to be tuff when they get their starting offensive tackles back Conklin and Wills back, and Jarvis Landry on offense and on defense they were without Clowney and both starting corners Ward and the rookie Newsome. We may see them again in the playoffs and unless we make a key acquisition on the D-line we will probably will get ran over again in the running game with that said we have the X-factor in Justin Herbert and Coach Staley I believe he will figure out a way to get the win.

    In closing for all the talent Cleveland has Baker Mayfield isn't a top 10 QB, they are winning because of the team around him I think a second time around you load the line up to stop the run and force Baker to beat you. Herbert is always going to have us in the game and if it comes to a shoot out with us and them I rolling with Herbert over Baker.


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      Our single biggest issue was matching their 13 personnel group. All their TEs are good blockers and their explosive runs had good edge blocking by the TEs. We didn't have the bodies to match up without hurting pass coverage too much.

      Murray will help. Jones will help. If we do match up with them in the playoffs I hope we have a better plan.

      The Browns have a unique offense so selling out in trades to stop them may not be the best. I think we need more 2nd level defenders for that. DL is our weakest group and improving that would also help.


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        They do have pretty good gripe with the officiating, we got some calls.

        That game was crazy, I sat on visitors side so the Browns fans were heard but bolts definitely had the HFA with the crowd.

        Herbert and Staleys confidence in him are the only reasons we pulled out this historic win. No team had lost with that much perfect turnover free offense before in the history of the NFL.
        Loyal to the Soil salties ex fans were factually more on the fair weather side than those who still Bolt Up.

        Spent time at thenflforum and before this place was established.