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Chargers Power Rankings / Ratings Going into Wk 12

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    Originally posted by ChargersPowderBlue View Post

    These might explain something.

    Not only are the Chargers last in the league in run stopping/defense. The team also leads the league in fewest punts forced on the opponent.

    The defense is bad. How bad? Opinions will vary.
    I know the Chargers are bad in run stopping.
    I thought that their pass defense would rise total def numbers.
    With what I saw against PIT, I think the Chargers total defense is about average.


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      Originally posted by Maniaque 6 View Post
      29th on defense. Really ?
      If Special Teams were included, we'd be last on the list.

      Oh wait...


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        Final blurb and Rankings Summary:

        The Athletic Consensus 10 (LW 11)

        Best side dish: We were tempted to break format here and pick a side-dish pairing of Keenan Allen and Mike Williams. Allen, after all, is the Chargers' leading receiver and one of the most difficult players in the league to cover one-on-one. But there's just something so enticing about Williams in the big moments that make him our choice here. When Justin Herbert is looking for an explosive play, he targets Williams. The wide receiver has an uncanny ability for clutch catches, just like his game-winning touchdown Sunday against Pittsburgh


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          I was guessing ~10 before I opened this thread. KC is 2-4 in conference, wow.