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Relocation Announcement Anniversary 5 years today

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  • Relocation Announcement Anniversary 5 years today

    I hope this thread is OK but it does seem like an important anniversary.

    It hurt that day 5 years ago but being in SoFi now with chosen one at QB and having been to 2 games that were way better than Stub hub and better than my memories of the last few season in San Diego I have to say I have fully accepted the move and moved on myself. It was all business and politics and I don't mind that the team wasn't charitably willing to take any kind of hail mary political cover scheme idea or that politically the San Diego region no longer was supportive of the idea of spending big time to have world class facilities and sports and teams, it is what it is. I do think they were kind of stuck in SD with no ability to get new deal done in the climate and that they were lucky the LA oppurtunity came up. I loved that they were a local team but I also love that they have conistenly been the Chargers since 1960 and have minimal relocation miles of any relocating franchise unless you count things like 49ers moving to Santa Clara. I am a football fan of a football team, I think most fans don't root exclusively by region, I know growing up I was always shocked how many locals didn't root for the local teams and by how many would randomly become fans of random teams....maybe this happens most in CA, I don't know. Sure there may be some local pride no longer intertwined with my football fandom anymore but I don't see why a life long fan like me would punish my self by not letting myself cheer for this team anymore claiming some sort of incompatible territorial hatred of LA and that ownership did us horribly wrong. I am sorry but St. Louis got screwed, San Diego and Oakland politicians were just running political cover and never were seriously trying to keep their teams. If those teams were willing to act like Las Vegas did to get the Raiders they could have kept their teams.

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    A day which will live in infamy among San Diego Chargers fans.

    But everybody knew that Dean had decided to move the franchise, after the failure of the ballot initiative in San Diego the previous November. The announcement made it official.


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      No, not going here. Closing.