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Film Study : The Good, The Bad and The Great (week1 vs LVR)

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  • Film Study : The Good, The Bad and The Great (week1 vs LVR)

    Welcome back diehards. Football is back...all is well in the world.

    This season opener we saw a few plays we dont normally see as Charger fans. New additions doing new things. There was a stretch in the 2nd quarter where i could have let it record 4-5 plays in a row that were all great clips for film study. Lets dive in

    The Good:
    2nd quarter -2nd and 13 -0:57 on the clock -ball on 25yrd line
    Chargers after a sack from Mack have Raiders behind the sticks. Carr attempts to go big and his underthrown pass allows Drue Tranquill to pick it off. Notice before snap Tranq is directing Adderly to outside coverage on Waller. He must have picked up a tell from Carr in the film room and knew what was coming.

    The Bad:
    2nd quarter -4th and 1 -1:42 on the clock -ball on 31yrd line
    Chargers tried hurry up QB sneak on a long 4th and 1 trying to catch Raiders off guard...they weren't. Couple reasons i dont like this call 1. Its a long 4th down almost 2 yards. 2. Its wayyy to early to be showing plays like this in the season. Save some cards for later Staley plz.

    The Great:
    2nd quarter -3rd and 7 -7:33 on the clock -ball on 48yrd line
    Kahlil Mack is a beast. He so strong he pushes the RT back into Carr and sacks them both. What also makes this great is Kyle Van Noy. Check his fake and bull rush catching the RG unaware and pancaked. Derwin on the stunt is pure confusion. Awesome play design

    Honorable Mentions:

    Big run defense on 3rd and 2. Something we havent seen in a while diehards

    Gerald Everett take a bow. Its been quite a few years since ive seen a TE fight for it like you did. Broken play and Herb + Everett combo looks well oiled.

    got soooo many plays i might have to make another thread

    as always
    luv ya

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    Thanks NMC! Always love these and it is good to see them back!
    I'll ride the wave...where it takes me.


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      The ugly: Getting outscored by the Raiders 16-7 in the 2nd half.


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        I really like Everett. So many times last year that TE (4got his name already), with his biggo body, would NEVER try to get extra yards by fighting defenders. Everett's YAC is no joke and he does look really difficult to bring down.
        Thx NMC. I always enjoy these clips, especially after a win.


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          Great thread !
          Genius ?


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            Great job, Chili...glad to have this thread back again...yes, agree on "The Bad"...must have been a Staley and not a Lombo call to go for the QB sneak with 1.5 yds...and I thought Staley was an analytics guy...that was a poor percentage call...


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              thought a big play, @least symbolically and as compared to last season, was when we were @4th and short (don't recall the juncture in the game), and the commentators and prolly most everyone else is like, oh boy here we go again w/Staley going for it on fourth down, and then voila.... the punting team takes the field and STs pins them inside the 5.... big play, field position and a!!
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                Thanks NMC's I was hoping you would do this again. I look forward to it.


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                  Film Study: Justin Herbert was GREAT for the Los Angeles Chargers

                  Guys with better arm talent, it's just going to automatically make you make better decisions. Someone like Baker Mayfield or Tua probably throws an interception here if they try to make this throw because they don't have the arm talent to fit it in that gap. However, when Herbert does it, he just zips it in there for a big completion.
                  This one's another one. How does this happen? Who does this other than Herbert? I don't know. It's just one of those plays where a quarterback with lesser talent does not make that throw. Even a really good quarterback, I don't know if they make that throw. I don't know if Joe Burrow is able to pull off a play like this.