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Happy Birthday Wu-Dai Clan

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    Happy birthday WuWu!!
    CMB refugee love
    aloha to Fleet
    GO BOLTS!!!

    The Art of Tillery


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      Originally posted by Fleet View Post
      I dont typically wish members happy birthday. But there was no greater help for trying to extend an olive branch to our new members from the CMB than himself. This guy cared so much about that forum and those members that we probably went back and forth with at least 500 PM exchanges. There were times i took some flack over there. Didnt expect it. But came to understand it. An iconic forum...a charger landmark was being taken down. There were some hurt people. Understandably. There were times when i got defensive. And i just didnt get it. BUt i do now. Because of Wu's guidance.

      Wu Dai was the calming source. Nothing negative about one member there. All MOJO. All Aloha.

      I think the original TPB community owes this man a Thank You. We salute you brother. This forum was really suffering after the move to LA. You helped me bring us back to life. By being the conduit between myself and our new brothers and sisters.

      To all you new members. We are so stoked to have you. Welcome to the family.

      Agree...the amount of research Wud/Wood does leading up the the drafts is really impressive...happy B-Day from all of us!!!


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        Have a happy birthday Wu! Glad you survived the off season.
        Go Rivers!


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          There are such great people here.
          True Charger fans
          Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.
          LL Cool J


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            Happy Birthday to Wu!

            So glad to have you aboard man!

            Your contributions to the site are appreciated, and do not go unnoticed. Keep on keeping on, fella.

            excited will ferrell GIF
            "...of course that's just my opinion, I could be wrong."


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              And to think I knew ye when you were just a Woodeye, wu-dai. Happy day dude, let's go get that first ring!


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                Happy Birthday our wooded friend.


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                  Happy Birthday.

                  You make thoughtful, insightful and thought-provoking posts, especially around the draft. That's true of many of the people here, but this forum is getting a nice mix of a lot of different types of posters. It takes a lot of different types and the various incarnations of this forum over the years has become a special place.

                  Wu, thanks for being an important part of the powder blues family.


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                    Happy Birthday Wu!! Cheers to you and your insight and dedication...thanks!
                    I'll ride the wave...where it takes me.


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                      Happy Birthday Wu-dai!!! You've been a great internet friend and a man with quality football takes all day long!