Jesus. A man is trying to say goodbye and a member has the balls to report his posts? Citing religion? I have to bring this up. I just have to. I wont say who that member is. But a new rule has to be made.

New rule...if you are a member here and are announcing that your time here on earth is almost up??? I give you permission to discuss your religion or lack thereof. Christian. Atheist. Buddhist. Whatever i dont care. You can now do that. Its not a debate. That certain member can do so without the fear of being attacked.

And i expect every member here to honor that member and not make it about yourself or your butthurt little feelings.

If a man is dying and in that thread talks about his personal faith in God....or lack thereof....that man or woman is protected by me. And if you try and butt heads with that man or woman while he is fighting for whatever time he or she has left here on earth?....i will ban you.

These are extra special circumstances here. And going forward if you want to open up about your possible death? You can do that here and i will protect you.

If anyone gets after Roo for his faith while he is preparing for his next phase? Or anyone who wishes to open up about such sensitive stuff?? You can deal with me.