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Remembering the San Diego Charger forums

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  • Remembering the San Diego Charger forums

    Remembering back.

    It was a forced PG forum to begin with...almost ridiculously so. As if many many impressionable 7 year olds might be reading posts.

    It was basically a team ownership sponsored and run forum. Derisive comments about the "family" got you banned for 2 weeks. I know. Twice I was timed out.

    The moderators there ruled with an iron fist. I was timed out just because one mod didn't like the cut of my jib.

    Topcat and other transplants can attest to that.

    It must have been a bitter pill to swallow once the Chargers moved to LA. The overly righteous mods suddenly became moderator orphans. I don't see moderator Tom anywhere abouts.

    The only thing good about that deceased forum is that there were lively discussions going on after midnight. LA is so laid back that most discussions here end after 8:00

    Out with the old, in with the new.