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Back to reality for Dean's awful team!

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    Your point about tv revenue is legit. Yes, the money they make in tv revenue is set.


    This year the ticket price revenue was the same because brokers bought the tickets. Next year, they will get hammered when the brokers refuse to buy the tickets.

    concessiom revenue is way down because that based on butts in seats. And higher prices will drice away customers. I have been to the stubhub. The food is general concession food: hotdog, beer, soda and popcorn type stuff. I can guarantee concession revenue is way down.

    meechandise is probably non-existent. How many people do you see wearing new charger gear? How many places do
    you see selling charger gear in sd and la areas? I donít.

    parking is way down. Yes, costs more but parking is based
    on butts in seats so if only 15-20 people snow up even at 100 a pop revenue is way down when compared to the q.

    Now add moving costs which is in the tens of millions.

    add in 650 million for relocation.

    I know that they are making way less than they did in sd.

    Even when hen they move into kroenkes place, they will still struggle.

    insolvent might be a strong word but remember the Spanos only source of revenue is the nfl. I wonder how many years they can afford this fiasco.

    Plus, how many people will buy psl or corporations buy seats?

    dean is f u c k e d.


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      As far as I know AG Spanos Construction is still in operation. They got hit hard during the recession as the housing market collapsed, but there's income there. I always said the numbers didn't pencil out going to LA, but you can be sure they are along ways (and many losing seasons of reduced football revenues) from approaching anything resembling insolvency.
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    It's hard not to overcome financial difficulties with the NFL TV money pumping 240m/yr into your bank account.
    Correct: Chargers CI fails miserably.
    Fail: Team stays in San Diego until their lease runs out in 2020. (without getting new deal done by then) .
    Sig Bet WIN: The Chargers will file for relocation on January 15.


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      God I wish i could mouth off in the other forum.... I wonder if they realize how lame they sound.

      Go jags!


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        You don't have to, came here to eat some crow.


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          Thought they were going to win this game several times, but thankfully my Chargers pulled out another clutch loss just like they did when they were playing here !


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            Originally posted by Hard4SanDiego View Post
            God I wish i could mouth off in the other forum.... I wonder if they realize how lame they sound.

            Go jags!
            I wonder if anyone gives a fuck what you think. Good luck elsewhere bruh.


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              Im just cutting this forum. I actually thought it would be good to keep the non supporters around because of the once family vibe we had here. But its clear to me that its just hate. Hate those who still support the team. There is no brotherhood here. Shit i cant even get a response from a former admin. Why? Because i support the team? Its sad that you guys have turned this in to something so personal where you actually love that fans are impacted negatively.

              I feel like TPB is our church and i have a little offchute for Satanic worship. lol Im stunned i used think that everyone here cared about each other. I was completely blind in thinking that this forum would be good because we could all still get along in other forums. But that doesnt happen. You support the are the enemy. I guess its just the times we live in. Whatever your political views...whatever your religious views....if you dont think like us we hate you.

              Im not that type of guy. I genuinely want the best for everybody. I dont wish anyone ill will. I dont want anyone to be sad. I dont want the Bolts to win so the haters will be bummed. Ive never thought like that. Its sad you guys do however. I mean get a fucking life.

              I think its time for us to go our separate ways. In the past many years i have trully cared about each one of you guys. Its sad it has come to this. But i dont want to be a forum going forward that promotes hate in any form.

              Hearing members say...."I wish i could post in the main forum so i can mouth off and that they sound like idiots" really showed me all i needed to see. This forum was supposed to be a place where we can remember the good times. Its clear there never was good times. It was just football. It was just selfish. Nobody gives a fuck about each other. Just gang mentality here. If you want to discuss hate for the team there are much better places to do that. I know many stay away because we still support the non supporters. But its time to cut the cord. I dont think any of you give a shit anyways or will miss anyone....since all you care about is hating the team now. I guess im a little shocked that most of you just ignore us all together on the other forums. One day i hope you guys can overcome this. I think you will be happier. I think you will be better people when your not hoping others suffer for your own personal gratification.


              And thanks for all the years....Fleet.


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