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Technical Issue - False Banned Error

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  • Technical Issue - False Banned Error

    I removed the Booster User Group

    You were the guys that donated years ago. I have recieved an PM from a meber saying they are banned. Im assuming it has to do with that.

    If you are banned for any reason contact me at

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    Some guys are experiencing a false ban. It is most likely a browser issue. I think there are only 14 of you experiencing this.

    clear your browser cache before you contact me. If that doesnt work contact me.


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      I logged off and back on and it fixed the issue.


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        Its a caching issue. Ive only had 2 guys send me emails. I just change their password for them and the can get back in. I didnt even think it could be fixed by logging out. They were probably logged in...visited the site and saw they were banned. lol

        Its just 14 members. I had a usergroup for the few of you that donated years ago. I did that so it would add a badge to your profile. We have been having server email issues so im reducing user-groups the could be part of the problem.

        I feel like im close to finding the rabbit at the bottom of the hole. Ive been digging for days now. I was up until 4AM last night. lol Nobody should ever say i didnt care about this forum.