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Tech - I Am In The Process Of Installing An SSL - COMPLETED

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  • Tech - I Am In The Process Of Installing An SSL - COMPLETED

    So some of you may be getting a "Your Connection Is Not Private" warning when visiting the site. We dont do transactions here and that for the most part is done to protect your personal credentials and card numbers etc. So i never felt the need to install one.

    The certificate will prevent errors on sites that Securly decrypts. Without the certificate, sites like and will show privacy errors, users will perceive this as the internet being "broken".

    Something like this....

    WLzN8 (1).jpg

    I have purchased a 2 year certificate and we should have that installed by tomorrow. You will notice a logo in the address bar where it currently says "Not Secure"(Picture Below) Most forums dont have SSL's. But it was brought up today by a CMB member who was kind enough to let me know thats what happening. I dont get that warning. But if some of you do its basically saying this site isnt secure so be warned not to use credit cards etc. I am installing it because i think it makes us look bad when that warning pops up. I never see it. I wonder how many of you get that warning. But i will make sure that is fixed. And the site is secure.

    Screen Shot 2019-06-02 at 12.15.28 AM.png

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    I may have long ago but dont anymore. Never bothered me anyways.


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      Site is secure. Thanks Katdnzr for bringing this up. I honestly had no idea that by not having the SSL certificate it would generate a warning. You made us a better forum.

      Screen Shot 2019-06-02 at 12.39.43 PM.png