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OT - I Feel Like I Need To Say This Before The Season Starts

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  • OT - I Feel Like I Need To Say This Before The Season Starts

    I understand we have some flaws as a team. Mainly the OL. That is the elephant in the living room on this forum. Its also the #1 topic on social media.

    I get it. I really do. Its a concern.

    But the season hasn't started yet. And we have some serious dead horse beating going on in many threads regarding the OL.

    I understand that some of you only want to talk about how pathetic the OL is and how the season is over etc. I dont think that... but i cannot force you to think differently. In fact i just want you guys to be yourselves. You have the right to say and think what you want. But it can be a bit overkill for the entire community here.

    Ill go back to when the team moved to LA. Every single thread was hijacked and turned into a thread about hating the owners. We had a few threads dedicated to it....but that wont ever be enough for some who are so strongly convicted. I deleted thousands of posts/threads and had to say goodbye to long time friends who only wanted to hate the owners and those of us who still support the team. Hardest day of this communities existence for me.

    Its really the hardest gig in the world trying to moderate those who are intent on bringing every thread down to this one topic. Its so toxic for a community of fans. Because i know many here...including myself want to discuss other things. And i can assure you i am on FUCKING FIRE for this season. I expect big things for this team. I am a diehard fan and i will always believe. I take up my Bolt Armor and i go into battle. Im looking for that from this forum. But im not forcing it. You be yourselves. If that means quitting before we even take a snap so be it. Social media and society has become this sort of divided extreme environment. Media and politically driven. And in a way it has created this style of communication that is aggressive and really solves no purpose. Attack from your computer and say what you want...troll even...and in some way that makes people feel good about themselves. Forums can mirror that. Mirror what is happening in society. Lets be better than that crap. Lets not go down that road here.

    I dont want to ban guys. I dont want to turn this forum into some polyanna bullshit either. Im not looking to eliminate critical break downs of our players and teams(position groups). I like the heated debates as long as they dont get personal. But if all you have to say is the OL is terrible and we are done? Thats not really being a part of this forum completely. I can promise you if you are one trick ponies and only bitch 100% of the time you will most likely get jumped. Ill step in and try to smooth things over....but im trying to keep this from happening. So keep your OL mentions in threads dedicated to that discussion.

    See this is a club house. Or this is a tailgate. We are all just sitting around talking about the warriors we love. And the warriors we battle along side. If you have guys that are constantly trying to bring down the moral it will cause way too much drama for this place. Shit i tend to think if you are always will bring it on yourselves. The chronic pessimist is just bad for us. And ill do what i have to do. Its not personal. But ive seen too many guys do it for attention. And they will take attention of any kind. Its selfish.

    So please make your points regarding the OL in threads where that is being discussed. I can promise you that the handful of you that want to discuss nothing else have been heard. But this is about all of us. About WE. The body of this community. Its not about just one or 2 of you. Think about whats best for all of us. Think about how you can contribute something positive once in a while.

    Thank you.