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Listen Up - Let This Be A Warning

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  • Listen Up - Let This Be A Warning

    Some of you have been here long before the season started. And its been nothing but negativity and hate. I seriously have to consider the possibility that former fans are pretending to be fans, simply so they can stir the pot here. And constantly be at it with other members. I am being bombarded with complaints regarding some of you here.

    If you are here only to talk smack about this team from the start your days are numbered. I sit here and i watch. I know whats going on. Im patient. I wait and see if there is ever just one sliver of positivity when we win or score or anything... and its quiet. You wait and only talk smack when its bad. And again that was even before the season started. Most here are pissed and concerned. But also show a true dedication and loyalty to this team. Some sort of sign they support the team. The chronic doom and gloomers will get whats coming back. Then they attack back. And then it just creates a shitstorm to moderate. So we make sacrifices for the community. Ive even turned off instant membership for now. Way too many one hit wonders with nothing but personal rage and using this place to spew their own crap.

    Im not going to let this forum implode because of this behavior. I simply dont buy the sincerity of your fanhood. We have a lot of issues yes. Its still early. And i get the need to vent. I really do. But there is a tiny handful of you that only poke the festering wound. In the GDTs you go back and read there is nothing that supports any sort of joy when a good play happens. Or we win. 100% negative. And those types here will always be bad for us. Most fans are balanced this way. Show some form of love when good things happen.

    Some of you may notice you cant post on this forum. I have quarantined a few of you until i feel like things are somewhat civil again.

    Again its not personal.

    The panic thread was beyond uncalled for. And just bad for biz. We have enough of that already mixed in the threads.