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Happy Birthday Wu-Dai Clan

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  • Happy Birthday Wu-Dai Clan

    I dont typically wish members happy birthday. But there was no greater help for trying to extend an olive branch to our new members from the CMB than himself. This guy cared so much about that forum and those members that we probably went back and forth with at least 500 PM exchanges. There were times i took some flack over there. Didnt expect it. But came to understand it. An iconic forum...a charger landmark was being taken down. There were some hurt people. Understandably. There were times when i got defensive. And i just didnt get it. BUt i do now. Because of Wu's guidance.

    Wu Dai was the calming source. Nothing negative about one member there. All MOJO. All Aloha.

    I think the original TPB community owes this man a Thank You. We salute you brother. This forum was really suffering after the move to LA. You helped me bring us back to life. By being the conduit between myself and our new brothers and sisters.

    To all you new members. We are so stoked to have you. Welcome to the family.


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    Happy birthday to the Wu. You are most welcome here, sir.


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      The positive vibrations are appreciated.
      It is great to be here.
      We all have a great place to talk Chargers football.
      That is so cool.
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        Happy birthday Wu! We are glad to have you here!


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          excited happy birthday GIF

          Happy Birthday wu-dai. Your posts are like birthday gifts to us. Numerous and informed, they're a pleasure to read. I'd like to see more members like you posting here.
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          Now, if you excuse me, I have some Charger memories to suppress.


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            Eye hope you have a great birthday Wu!


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              Happy Birthday Wu! You are a great asset to the Powder Blues, even though I sometimes have to say "wha?" (lol).


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                A big Happy BDay Wu! Many more to come.
                I always enjoy your takes, content, humor, and banter.
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                  Happy Birthday Wu Dai.....glad to have you here and see your draft takes again and pleasant comments.
                  I do like cake....where is the cake and the bon fire that would be on top of it?


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                  Eye see it's your birthday wood - have a happy day. Eye hear you're twenty one again.


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                    HAPPY BIRTHDAY WU!!!

                    First, i would like to wish you a happy, healthy, and prosperous year ahead.

                    Secondly, i just wanted to say that I really appreciate your presence here. i enjoy your takes on football and you have quickly become an invaluable member of TBP family.

                    I have been with Fleet and the gang since long before this site existed, before I was even Panama Mike which is going on 15 years this September i believe. Through the move we lost a lot of members than had been around since the trilobite roamed the earth, but alas, many decided to quit the Bolts. You and the other "new" members have more than filled the void. I am not aware of the drama involved, but i want to Thank You for your efforts. The forum has been breathing new life, with fresh takes and personalities. I appreciate it very much. The support on this forum and its members has really helped me to deal with losing my brother and mom in the last 18 months. The support of the members here when times are tough is family. Anyone that is here regularly will come to see that and experience it first hand, of that I have no doubt.

                    Cheers to you and yours my friend!!!! May there be many more to come.

                    OH YEAH......BOOOOLLLLLTTTSSSSSS!!!!!! Ring number one this season!


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                      Fuck dude i cried. lol

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                    Any guy that spurs connecting on the boards is a friend to us all. Thank Wu!
                    For Stinky-Jon-Wizzleteats....

                    "Pray for strength and healing oh and money!"