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  • Football shop talk

    I have really enjoyed talking football on this site with so many passionate sports fans. However, there have been some choices and posts by those in charge that are contradictory to community. Specifically threats to locked threads as the attempt to get the conversation back on topic or because the topic of debate has reached and carried on for pages of posts.
    This action turned me off to this site as I found it to be incredibly hypocritical and lacking empathy and community.

    I strongly believe that the best course of action would be for site leadership to encourage posting and passion and to moderate the thread that go off topic for too long by saying "this has been a great debate with terrific energy and worthy of its own thread! I'm going move this topic over here to free up this thread to get back on topic" "Go Chargers! Go TBP"

    But that wasn't the approach. The approach was to threaten TPB posters and to delete post and lock threads in an attempt to control the thread and get it back on topic. This style doesn't work for me at all. This is not moderate action by moderator/site leaders. This is extreme tactics to control threads under the name of moderation which does not encourage participation.

    I never once had any issue with any posters even with I completely disagree with the opinion. My only issue is the poor moderation tactics deployed onto this site.

    Make the change and moderate the energy, do not stifle it.

    Thank you.
    Future so bright ‚Äč