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Question for Steve - which DL prospects fit our scheme ?

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  • Question for Steve - which DL prospects fit our scheme ?

    There has been a lot of talk that our biggest need is at DL in fact we are expected to double dip, like we did a couple years back at OG with Lamp and Freeney and at DB with Jenkins and King.

    so Steve, given the scheme we run which DL prospects are are good fit us and which ones don't fit ?

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    If you are talking scheme fit, that is one of the great things about Gus Bradley/Pete Carroll's scheme. They have a history of being able to find a way to use all kinds of players. Smaller- quicker, big-powerful...... They have used a lot of different guys dating back to the 49ers in the 80's till the present.

    As far as what we need, we really need a player who can penetrate and add some pass rush. We need to flush the QB to Ingram and Bosa. 2 years ago, the QB would step up and away from them.

    Wilkins is the guy who looks like the best choice in so many mock's, but I think he may go earlier. Wilkins is an impressive player, but a more impressive person. Has 2 degrees in less than 4 years in Clemson. Played out of position to help his team win a national championship (and in position to play another). He has been draft eligible but still went back to school because it was important to him. I don't think he will be there at 28, but he would be a nice fit if he was. He was impressive in college, but with a little pro coaching, I think his best days are ahead of him.

    Again, the best draft strategy at this point is to use Napolean's plan ....... First we show up, ...... then we see what happens.

    There is only so much we can do in terms of planning. We don't have much control at #28. Make all the plans you want, but twenty plus other teams will be dictating what we can and can't do by taking players we may or may not like. To some degree, you just scout the best you can, and trust the board.

    One thing looking at the FA lists is that there still are a lot of FA DL. We don't need to reach for DL, no matter how many you think we need.

    best available


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      It is easy to picture LAC taking Jeffery Simmons @ #28 (ready by Thanksgiving.)

      Then they would turn around and sign Corey Liuget to a non guaranteed contract after week one of the regular season.
      Justin Herbert
      Ross Blacklock
      Ezra Cleveland
      Adam Trautman
      Dane Jackson
      Joe Reed
      Kevin Dotson
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        Ed Oliver is probably the guy who we would get the best bang for the buck with. A quick penetrating DT who can shoot gaps and flush the QB to our DE would make our D very, very strong against the pass, and give us a new rush capability vs the quick pass. Too bad we have zero chance to land him. If he falls halfway through the 1st, we should try to trade up, but he is not going to drop anywhere near that far.

        I am not sure how much we would get out of Simmons this season. Sure, he would be medically cleared, but it is some time before he is in shape and ready to play. He will miss the entire install of the D, and is going to be learning to play at the NFL level. He is not one of my favorites, but he is a good prospect. I just don't know if he is a dedicated enough guy off the field to get himself ready to play this season.


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          Steve have you given any thought to drafting a DE that can play some DT? Rotate Bosa with that player between 3T and DE? Rashan Gary, LJ Collier and Zack Allen come to mind. Possibly Omenihu?

          I didnt get a chance to watch a lot of film this year so i stayed out of the draft discussion for the most part. You know how much time i usually invest there.

          I still think we could see a 2nd wave of FA DT signing. Maybe Liuget. But we seem to be heading into this draft forcing the need at DT. And with so many i wonder if some of these 2nd and 3rd round DE prospects make some sense as guys with some versatility to play 2 spots. Outside and in.

          And again really appreciate the amount of football you teach many of us. You have been a strong mentor to me over the years. Mucho Mahalo.

          Thats the best thing about this will learn more about the game here.


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            Originally posted by Fleet View Post
            And again really appreciate the a amount of football you teach many of us. You have been a strong mentor to me over the years. Mucho Mahalo.
            Just posting to second this. I have learned a ton reading your posts. Last year at this time, I remember arguing with you about Vita Vea, and at one point thinking, WTF am I doing arguing with Steve. (Not that it stopped me, Haha)