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Which has more value, draft picks or cap space?

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    Originally posted by Steve View Post

    You need about 15 quality players on each side of the ball who can play a substantial role. That is nickel players, situational players and starters. 2-3 players doesn't include a couple of extra guys, but even at 4 per year, if you assume about 28 players (to simplify the math), it would take 7 or so years to rebuild a roster, just for the top players who need to contribute on offense and defense, and that is ignoring ST. Then the average career is going to be about 5 years (it's getting shorter, so it is less than that). ...... well, the math doesn't quite add up. You can't do it by draft alone. Draft and UDFA, but that is pretty tough since those UDFA were not talented enough to get drafted in the first place. You need to find some extra players from other places as well.

    I do think the sky rocketing prices of QB may have hit their peak. Again, there are more quality QB coming into the league now, and watching Alex Smith handicap the Redskins may start getting teams to back off of giving huge money to QB. And over the last couple of years, you don't need to trade up into the top 5 to get even the top ranked QB. One of the top couple will slide back some so it doesn't cost to much to trade up.
    Thank you that was the answer I was looking for.


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      use to always cringe when I would read something to the effect that our roster is so stacked, no way will all our draft picks make the roster, and then AJ would follow suit accordingly, as far as I can recall, and no matter how great or not so great we might or might not have been, seems we always have ten or so needs to fill on the roster most every year.

      think it works out something along the lines of getting your 6/7 guys from the draft, a coupla few UDFAs, and a couple FAs into the fold ??

      so if the avg career was five years, I think the above would work out more or less, and.... still seem to recall the avg roster turnover as more than that ??
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