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All these brightly colored uniforms this year

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  • All these brightly colored uniforms this year

    Anyone notice the change this year in team's apparel? Brightly colored Fruit Stripe gum colored uniforms, heavy on the lemon flavor. What happened to all the macho tough darker uniforms that stated they mean business? It's turned into a pajama party. I suppose trends change. There's definitely a big change this season in team's uniform colors. One way I describe it is there are a lot of cartoon colored team NFL uniforms this season. Brighter for sure. Colored brightly in some aspect. The Rams and Chargers and some teams trending the way with this trend. Maybe a trend toward college uniforms whose colors cover the spectrum. i dunno. NFL looks different this year with a lot of teams uniforms changes. Manyl look bright our future or something...heh.
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    Herbert went from the best unis in college to the best unis in the NFL
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