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Raiders talking to San Diego

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  • Raiders talking to San Diego

    Three years after the Raiders and Chargers failed to secure approval to share an L.A.-area stadium, the Raiders could be moving to the city the Chargers abandoned. At least for a year.

    Dan Sileo of 97.3 the Fan in San Diego reports that the Raiders have contacted the office of the San Diego mayor about playing the teamís 2019 games at the venue vacated two years ago by the Chargers.

    The development isnít completely unexpected. The Raiders, disinclined to play in Oakland now that Oakland is suing the Raiders, need a home until their new stadium is ready. They reportedly wonít move to Las Vegas early and play in Sam Boyd Stadium. Thus, theyíll need an alternate location, with the options being AT&T Park in San Francisco (home of the Giants), London(thatís highly unlikely), Leviís Stadium (it makes the most sense, but the 49ers and Raiders are too stubborn to share space), and San Diego.

    A season in San Diego would mean that the Chargers would play at least one game there next season, with the theoretical possibility of a playoff game there, too.

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    Wow, I think the Raiders would draw more fans in SD that the Bolts in LA. How embarrassing.

    Moving to LA is not a good business decision, it’s a death sentence.


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      Spite is a powerful motivator . There is a lot on all sides of this equation.


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        That would be BRILLIANT!
        NFL in SD
        The Turds taking a dump on Spanos's doorstep.
        Poetic justice.


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          I moved this to the NFL discussion forum, as it doesn't involve the Los Angeles Chargers other than a game location. Send Fleet your thoughts on that. As a San Diego resident, it would make sense to get that placed filled for 9 game dates, as well as the old "fortress". Will it happen? Who knows. Sure, the Charger ownership will appear to be embarrassed... all the way to the bank. I'll be pissed if the local game will be the Raiders, though, and I hope the city takes that into account.


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            From PFF. Anything dealing with SD sports radio with the Chargers, with the exception of former Charger players, should be taken with a grain of salt, especially Kaplan, Sileo, Caswell... jilted lovers.

            Itís unclear where the Raiders are going to play home games during the 2019 season, but talk of San Diego providing them a landing spot appears to be premature.

            A report on Tuesday indicated that the Raiders had reached out to the office of San Diegoís mayor to discuss the possibility of playing games in the former home of the Chargers. Mayor Kevin Faulconerís office responded by saying that was not the case.

            ďOur office has not been in communication with the Raiders,Ē spokesman Craig Gustafson said, via the San Francisco Chronicle.

            The city of Oakland sued the Raiders and the NFL in December regarding the teamís impending move to Las Vegas and the team has been exploring other venues over the last month. AT&T Park in San Francisco has been raised as a possibility and so has planting a flag in London, although the latter option is not seen as a particularly likely one.