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How NFL teams got their names

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  • How NFL teams got their names

    Interesting video of how the NFL was formed. Also how teams got their names and other teams joining the league and folding.

    Chargers name discussed at 17:00 mark. Has nothing to do with a horse lol. Pretty boring for them but clears it up for those who didn't know. Kinda long but interesting if you like this sort of thing.

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    As many know, Barron Hilton did start a charge card, Carte Blanche, as a part of the hotel business. The theory has been debunked that Hilton named the team after the Charge card. The first "Charge Card" was probably Diners Club, created in 1950, while Carte Blanche was named in 1958 (and was sold off in 1966). The video said that he liked that people said "Charge" after the bugle call, but it wouldn't surprise me at the time he was thinking "Charge it" as well.


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      My favorite....

      Tanawanda Kartex


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        my favorite one is Dallas cowboys. wanna know how well you know your favorite team ? NFL teams quiz is the challenge i would like to invite you to. this will be very surprising possibly even for the teams owners !!!!
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