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Did Chargers send a scout to watch Kap?

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  • Did Chargers send a scout to watch Kap?

    Also, has he updated his stance on kneeling during the anthem? He changed his workout place to 60 miles away from the original place with an hours notice beforehand.

    Plain and simple, the commish thinks he's just too radical and controversial for America's favorite sport. Cap hasn't publicly apologized and that sticks in Roger's craw. Roger said No to Cap's request to have media present (for whatever reason) and denied him having his own film crew at the workout (again, for whatever reason). The NFL is attempting to strong arm Kapernick to conform to it's principals and Kapernick is resisting that. Stay tuned.

    I suspect Roger denied him to have media present at the workout in order not to give him any kind of soapbox. He also denied Kap having his own film crew present, again, probably for the same reason. It's a battle of sorts and the NFL is winning, so far. "I HAVE THE POWER!" Quote from that cartoon super hero guy. No offence Kap, but lose that 70's black power afro hairdo, it's 2020 almost.
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    I read six team reps made it to the site, but no mention about the Chargers.