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Jalen Ramsey: Slacker Tackler Supreme

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    Originally posted by wu-dai clan View Post

    What were Jalen Ramsey and Marcus Peters jawing about after the game ?
    Who is the more physical football player ?
    DING, DING! It's Peters vs. Ramsey...can we get some lip readers in here to decipher what Peters screamed at "Jake"Lyn???

    EDIT, according to OC Register:

    PETERS: “Get your a– out of the playoffs,” Peters shouted at Ramsey before entering the locker room.

    Ramsey had earlier said in Peters’ direction: “They (the Ravens) got who they wanted, and he is a w—-,” as if to say Peters is a defensive back of ill repute.

    Ramsey refused to discuss what happened when a reporter asked.

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      Originally posted by Topcat View Post
      With a hat tip to Wud for alerting me to this, take a look at Jalen Ramsey in MNF game between Rams and Ravens. Ramsey (red circle) is in the perfect position to tackle Mark Ingram (yellow):

      But no...Ramsey edges over...barely makes an attempt to angle in on Ingram...

      Then he lets ANOTHER Ram defender (Weddle) try to stop Ingram while he looks on...

      Then, after Ingram overpowers The Beard, sending him to the turf, Ramsey STILL doesn't engage...

      Then, after TWO more Ram defenders catch Ingram, NOW Ramsey tries to look busy...

      Wow, and we were thinking of signing this guy? What a slacker...



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        Originally posted by Gwynning_Spirit View Post

        LOL! Not bad, Gwynning! If Ramsey was a Bolt, we'd induct Slackwhiffy into the Bolt Hall of Shame Nickname Thread, along with Launchwhiffy and Bouncewhiffy...


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          I was one of those who wanted Ramsey bad.

          He showed elite play with Jags and seemed like a great fit with Derwin.

          I also wanted Minkah Fitzpatrick

          I was wrong.


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            Interesting how Ramsey's supposed back injury suddenly got better right after he got traded to the Rams...


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              What a slacker.
              Tua Tagovailoa QB. Trey Adams ORT. Devin Duvernay WRS. Ben Bartch OL. Benito Jones 1T. Keith Taylor CB. Mitchell Wilcox TE. v1


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                We're wondering now who the REAL turkey is....