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Who's rooting for who in the playoffs?

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  • Who's rooting for who in the playoffs?

    Longshot would be cool, not likely. I bet the Pats win handily as a wildcard.. The Bills looked pretty good this year. Underdog for sure. Never thought the Titans would get in. Upset Upset Upset! I wanna see that.
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    Hard to root for anyone other than the Chargers.

    Easier to root for teams I don't hate I guess.

    Titans, Bills, Texans, Saints, Vikings I don't terribly dislike.

    Cheatriots, Chiefs, Ravens, Eagles, Packers, Seahawks, 49ers I dislike.

    If Titans won it all it would be bitter sweet since the Chargers in reality won on their field this year to have it stolen from the refs.


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      well one of the teams I was rooting for won...Go Texans! MAN Deshawn Watson was incredible in the end there. Nice mobility to avoid that last big sack for the game-winning pass. so was it Deshawn Watson who made Mike Williams or the other way around?


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        MAN that was a great wild-card weekend of football! THAT was some SERIOUS football teams playin' there!


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          I def don't want Rodgers or Wilson winning a 2nd ring. I feel those 2 qb's are overrated, I mean they are very very good, but the media (especially NBC) slobbers all over them ridiculously too much.


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            agreed the media slobbers all over them...BUT IMO they are legit QBs. baker mayfield, the defunct manziel, and rg3...THOSE guys were overhyped. I also think carson wentz is a bit overrated. But I'd take both Rodgers and Wilson over our team's QB any day. they can improvise on broken plays cuz they have much more escapability than our dear rivers. Wilson is like a magician when his pocket crumbles...and that seems to be quite a bit with seattle.