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OT: The Political Scene Here

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  • OT: The Political Scene Here

    So the energy here sort of went dark after the draft. Shifting towards the virus and the upcoming election. Its clearly on the mind of many members. But most members....are likely here for just Chargers/Football.

    I think these discussions can hurt the flow of a forum if its not contained. We will be making sure all threads that end up with a political tone either get modded and forced back onto topic...or moved to the corresponding politics section.

    Im bringing this up because some of the arguments or disagreements are getting out of hand. With personal attacks etc. I know its hard to agree on politics. But remember this is a community and not your personal playground. So please try and do whats best for us and not just yourself. And to some extent the personal attacks over football related discussions also get a little out of hand.

    Agree to disagree. Ignore that member. Do whatever you have to do to keep from attacking that member or his or her family. It really only makes you look like a fool. And if i contact you about the behavior its not a personal attack by me. Im not trying to single you out. If you dont want to change thats fine. Ill show you the door. But i want us to try and stick with chargers and football here in the main forum. And if you argue about politics in our other sections....dont bring that vibe to the main forum. Keep it in those political threads.

    6 years the Blues has been around and we have dealt with a move and now a Pandemic. It feels like its been nothing but frustration and suffering since we opened this forum and McCoy took over as coach. We are so in need of a change around here.

    And you can do that by starting with yourself. And how you treat people during difficult times. Thats what ill be trying to do. Class. Dignity. Respect. When the shit hits the your best to be honorable while you cope. Personally i deal with a lot of nerve pain. Im in constant pain. And it would be really easy for me to let it get to me and just start taking it out on you guys. But i dont want to let it get the best of me. Thats losing to me. I want to win at all times. And that means trying to treat people with respect during the fight.

    Love you all. I need this community more than ever. But we are in an election year. And these things can really hurt a sports community. I know...its killing my other forum. So just try and remember this is a Charger forum. This is a tail gate. A place we all come together to get away from the rigors of life. To have some fun talking about this great game and our team. We are here to break bread with one another. Not necks.

    Talk politics in our other sections...and if you have the it as peacefully as you can. Attacking someone when you are angry is so fucking easy. lol Staying calm and un-triggered during disagreement? Those are the types of members that do really well in a place like this.

    Cheers to all.

    Dont ever forget.....everyday here at the Blues? Is football Sunday.