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  • Reich's Vision

    At least he gets it. The run game is a huge problem amongst many. But i like that he goes after that first.

    Question: First off, what above all else sticks out in your mind about the 2014 season on offense?

    ReichReichReichReichReichReichReichReichReich: We pretty much devote the first half of the day to evaluating what we just did this season. All of the first part of the offseason in the mornings is kind of looking over segment by segment of the offense and evaluating what we did right, what we did wrong and what we can do better. And then the afternoon is spent looking at the college guys and preparing for that, and then also running through additional administrative and cleanup items.

    Question: Finally, from this time last year when you were first appointed offensive coordinator to now, what did you learn most about yourself and your growth?


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    In reply to the thread title... Reichs Vision...

    I'll tell you this, his V I S I O N was majorly FUBAR when with in the week 17 KC game with 4:02 left, 3rd and 1 on the preferable 20 yard line, two timeouts to play with and chasing 12 points he runs #34-Donald Brown up the middle to KC 20 for no gain ....Tick tock, tick tock, what do I do...? Tick tock, tick tock... (Same play on 2, Same play on 2... Ready break). At the 3:37 mark of the game, Donald Brown gets stuffed UH GEN (in my best Forrest Gump) and our season is over. Dude spazzed on third down... We need someone who doesn't spaz.


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      Chargers facebook page has the link to this interview and its titled "Take a look at Reich's vision for 2015"


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        he needs L.A.S.I.K.
        Life is too short to drink cheap beer :beer:


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          Just for you TBF!

          by none January 15 at 11:33 AM ↑0
          what happened to all the interest in our OC as a HC someplace...the Bills. Seems like he went from sunshine to shadows in a heartbeat.

          by matt.calkins January 15 at 11:35 AM ↑3
          It's not easy landing a head coaching job in the NFL, especially when you only have one year experience as a coordinator. That would have been a pretty meteoric rise for Frank Reich, especially considering he wasn't even coaching a playoff team. The fact that he was able to garner so much interest says something about his reputation. But I think ultimately he's happy that he can stay in a town where everybody blames him for all of the Chargers' problems.


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            can someone point out what part of the interview explains his vision for next year? saying "we'll review the previous season" and we'll try executing better isn't really vision.


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              He is see no evil, McCoy is Speak no evil, and TT is hear no evil...
              Go Rivers!


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                Facebook termed it Vision. The title of the article states 2015 preview.


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                  Originally posted by richpjr View Post
                  Just for you TBF!
                  He may have the goods (eventually), but I truly think we can do better right now. Been my argument the entire time.


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                    Is there really any chance of someone in the Chargers organization telling anyone of the teams future plans?


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                      Are you guys sure this wasn't a re-hashed Norv interview and they simply attached Reich's name to it? Sure as hell sounded like something I read a couple years ago.

                      It's a damn shame people smartened up and passed this guy over for a HC job. Now we have to sit through another year of vanilla long developing plays, shotgun handoffs up the gut and a rhythm killer as a playcaller.

                      Screw lasik, this guy needs those coke bottle bottom type glasses for any sort of vision to come from him.
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                        Yeah, cuz I'm pretty sure [insert name of awesome OC here] would call plays our crap OL could block for...