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    Originally posted by Stinky Wizzleteats+ View Post
    Welcome back! I moved to St Joe so I'm not far if you ever want to catch a game with a follow bolt fan!
    We will have to Stinky (well when the rona let's us anyway) , I'm actually in Topeka but KC is like 45 min away @80mph
    Thanks for all the warm welcomes , good to see ya too QSmokey always great to see ya still around have already been reading some of your posts All the spirited discussions here are so great to see when you have to hear "So how many ya think Mahomes gets us 5 , 6 superbowls?" all day long LOL. I can't help ya much 21&500 getting your friend back the Chiefs are scary but after rooting for the Chargers from 10-53 years old I just never could really root for any other football team. ALL my football memories are Chargers ones.


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      Welcome back to the fold. Don't worry you're going to get more than your share of victories over the Chiefs going forward.