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Film Study: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (week18 vs LVR)

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  • Film Study: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (week18 vs LVR)

    Welcome to the final Film Study diehards. Its been a rollercoaster season i was not ready to end yet.
    I have thoroughly enjoyed the ups and cried with the downs. Ive seen some trulky magnificent plays and others that make me scratch my head. Ive seen superstar efforts making big plays as well as some plays some guys just act like they dont care. Lets consume

    The Good:
    4th quarter 4:35 on the clock ball on 22yrd line.
    4th and 21 TD to Josh Palmer. Herber has plenty of time and throws a frozen rope for the TD. Notice Herbert reading left with his 3 main targets there and this makes the safety bite on Cook's route leaving Palmer open. This is greatness we witnessed.

    The Bad:
    1st quarter 13:09 on the clock ball on 49yrd line
    Raiders TE gets a big gain. This is the result of Chris Harris jr not giving 100%effort. The TE chips Bosa and then releases for the outlet pass. Harris is in position but takes awful angle and runs less than full speed to make the tackle. Its early in the game so i am confused why he looks like he jogging out there. Do not want.

    The Ugly:
    2nd quarter 1:05 on the clock ball on 35yrd line
    3rd and 23 Chargers let this happen. Sometimes you feel like this team is cursed. Visible confusion pre-snap as Derwin tells Murray where to lineup, who then takes outside angle and himself out of the play. Chris Harris jr in position to make a tackle, but does not. Low effort. Do not want

    Honorable Mentions:

    Ekeler with screen pass TD. Check the juke on Perryman. Very sweet

    3rd and 5 Pass Interference from Murray. I think he lacks some football knowledge. But this could have been avoided if Tillery makes the sack

    Bonus content:

    Just a wtf moment from Staley 4th and 2 from 18yrd line. No RB is this league could converted this play

    MDUB. We need to keep this dude next year. He has chemistry with Herbert and makes incredible catches. This was the game tying TD.
    Notice nobody else is open

    With sadness i bid you farewell fellow diehards. Until next year
    luv ya

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    Great job Chillie.

    Harris only looked like he was jogging; that's him going at full speed.

    So many options for the ugly this game.