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  • colorado
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    Happy birthday Roo. 89 years young as my father would say...


    • Lone Bolt
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      Sheesh...Im turning 53 on Friday...I feel like the baby of the group...like the "surprise child" a couple has, late in life, who's siblings are all 10, 15, even 20 years older, lol...
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      Final prediction: Latham OT, Colson LB, Sainristil CB,Rice WR, Zinter OG, Nourzad OC, MacLachlan TE, Vidal RB, Lovett DT


      • sonorajim
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        I was in line to get labs, pre Dr appt and saw a lady with 7 little blond girls ages 12 to 1 at the counter. She was laughing and joking with the receptionist. There was a 14yo at home and another in her belly, due 3-4 wks she said. I mention this because I was amazed at the sight and how neat and orderly the girls were. Mom and the 12 yo held babies. Mom may have been 40 + but didn't look worse for wear. After all the unruly kids at Walmart just wow! What a mom!.
        I'm 79 and can't recall a similar sight.


        • Bolts4ever213
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          Happy birthday Roo. Mine was on the 4th, made it to 53.

          Told a co worker last night, I don’t want to crawl the final laps of my life. That’s not living. At least you have this thread. Always nice to see a post from you.


          • chargeroo
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            Originally posted by Craig440 View Post

            It's different and a little hard. I'm 70 and have lost several friends also. My mom is 89 and I visited her today in the home. She has lost most of her friends, but she doesn't remember them. She remembers who I am but does not remember what she had for lunch. Makes up stories about some party she is supposed to go to or that her mom came to see her (not sure she didn't because its real to her). We don't tell her when one of her close friends dies because we see no reason to. She will forget in ten minutes. Her mind and body are both going down hill but the mind is going faster. It's sad. Maybe remembering your friends and the memory brings tears is not such a bad thing.

            Happy birthday again Roo.
            Thanks for this post. You made me realize that I should be happy that my mind is still working pretty well. I do find that I forget things that just happened but I can tell you what it was like in the USA during WW2.

            Thanks to everyone for the good wishes.
            THE YEAR OF THE FLIP!