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    Roo, I just want to chip in…God speed. There’s an awesome order to this universe. You’re very much a part of it, and this forum. I’m going to revisit your posts.


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      Edited by Fleet - Hope you didn't see that post from Ninja Roo. I got your back.

      Very sorry.


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        May the Lord be with you Roo. It takes courage to post the grim details set ahead for you.
        I'm sure the man upstairs has great things in store for you.

        I hate typing this but I will miss you in here.
        I am one of those from the UT way back when you were a Mod there so it has been a long time seeing you talk about the Chargers.
        There is a special seat waiting for you for your glorious birds eye view.


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          You cracked the key for this get to a level of spiritual maturity and preparedness for that next pace. Not strife, anger, and hate this world is filled with. You chose love, compassion, and forgiveness. Thanks for sharing and reminding all of us how to act accordingly in these times.


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            Originally posted by Topcat View Post
            God bless you, prayers are with you...Revelation 21:4...
            That's how we know we are going to a better place.
            Surprise us with a Super Bowl win!


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              Roo, you are an example for all of us, showing the strength and appreciation for life beaming outward. Your positivity is contagious, you show me to appreciate each and every day I am gifted being here. Some day when Fleet makes a Powder Blues Hall of Fame you will be etched in there unanimously. Thank you so much for making this a special place for us to celebrate together both our victories and to drown out the defeats. You are in my prayers and will always be our Brother in blue.


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                To one of the board's really good guys: As others have said, your positive, upbeat attitude in the face of such great adversity is an inspiration to everyone and you will always be remembered here fondly.



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                  i have been a fan since 1979 and it feels like i've "seen it all." you actually have seen it all !!!

                  it has been a pleasure to see your posts and soak in some of your wisdom. take care, my fellow chargers brother.


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                    Originally posted by chargeroo View Post
                    Most of you are aware that I've been having a battle with lung cancer for the past six months. I had a procedure this week to find out why my breathing has slipped so bad. I'm sorry to report that the outlook is grim. The tumor is blocking the breathing tube to my right lung. All my breathing now is through the smaller left lung. There's nothing that can be done about it. The Oncologist tells me I have between 3 weeks and 3 months left. I was so looking forward to this year's off-season and a better team for next season. For the first time since 1961, I won't be watching the Chargers.

                    Happily, I am a born-again follower of Jesus so I know I'll be in heaven. When I get there, I'll be pain-free and breathing well with my new glorified body. I hate the thought of leaving my great wife and all of my loved ones but if God wants me in Heaven, I'm ready. I'm excited to see our Lord someday soon.

                    Jesus told us that he will prepare a place for us. I hope he builds me a place built out of one of my favorite woods! ") I'll be excited to see that place.

                    I guess it would be wrong to ask for a boat and a large screen TV that plays the Chargers game every week. I'll just trust in the Lord with all my heart.

                    I will continue to read in the forum and post for however long I'll be able to.

                    I'll miss the many Bolt brothers I've made over the years. I've known a few of you since the old days in the UT forum. Thanks to each of you for being a friend to me and thanks so much to Fleet who made this forum available to all of us.
                    I am just seeing this thread for the first time now and am truly saddened to learn that your health has taken this turn. I wish I had let you know much sooner and well before now how much of a fan of yours I have been over the few years I have been here.

                    Like the others, I too have noticed that you have been a kind and positive voice on this forum and, for as argumentative as I can be, I genuinely admire that about you.

                    I will be praying for the health, peace and comfort of you and your family and hoping that, God willing, and against all odds, you are able to live long enough to see the Chargers win a Super Bowl.

                    Thank you for providing such a great example for those of us that share your faith. Though I am sure you never knew it, you have encouraged me. And if I may offer this one last compliment, on a forum that understandably restricts the discussion of religious matters, you never had to say one word about who you truly are. I could see who you are. Thank you so much for that.


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                      prayers and many thanks Charger Roo.... have so oft enjoyed and admired your tone and tenor and wish you as peaceful and as pain free a passage as possible.

                      and you're right.... plenty to be grateful for.... glad you made it thru this season, and will gather that you can look back on things and really relish the life you've lived.

                      mahaloha and many blessings mi amigo.... we love you Roo,

                      ED Jermaine Johnson II, DeAngelo Malone, OG Zion Johnson, WR Garrett Wilson, Jameson Williams, RT Daniel Faalele, P Matt Araiza, Michael Turk, TE Cade Otton, CB Josh Jobe, ILB Palaie Gaotete, NT Robert Cooper, WR Justin Shorter, RB D'Vonte Price, Ulysses Bentley IV, SS Dane Belton


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                        Cool......even Eeyore is smiling.........


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                          I'm not as eloquent as many that have posted here. I've been trying to find the right words to convey how sorry I was to read about your diagnosis, but I do know you're going to be all right. Your faith is an inspiration to so many of us.
                          I've been fortunate to be a recipient of your kindness by being invited to join nonsense, even after that harrowing car ride from Jack Murphy to your hotel and back . That single kind act meant so much to me when I needed something, anything to look forward to. Thank you.
                          You've touched so many lives.
                          You are a true gentleman.