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Remember Junior Seau

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  • Remember Junior Seau

    Tiaina Baul "Junior" Seau Jr. Hard to believe it has been ten years already. But on May 2, 2012, he took his own life - a tragedy that will always be difficult for us to process. RIP forever #55.

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    10 years fly by so fast. RIP Junior.


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      Gave me goose bumps seeing that Bolt O.
      RIP Junior.


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        10 years already?
        22. Kenyan Green, OG/ Texas A&M (T↓ fr GB for 17)
        79. Bryan Cook, S/ Cincinnati
        92. Zamir White RB/ Georgia (fr GB for 17)
        123. Jalyn Armour- Davis, CB / Alabama
        160. Tyreek Smith,Edge/ Ohio st
        180. Bo Melton,WR/ Rutgers (T↑ fr Jax for 195, 214)
        234. Marquan McCall,DT/Kentucky
        254. Jake Camarda P Georgia
        255. James Empey, OC BYU
        260. Darian Butler, LB/ Arizona st


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          Still hurts.
          ESPN Screename: GoBolts02


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            Classic 'Roo > time


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              So young. Tragic


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                I love him since he is, like us, Chargers fan...

                ​​​​​​#55 jersey is the only one I have... (I can't find #14, one who 'made' me Chargers fan. #10 will be my second one.)

                ​​​​​Go Bolts!!!


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                  I'd like to share a personal experience

                  Been a Charger fan since 1986 (since I was 6 years old, because my father has been a Charger fan since Balboa Park, I followed the tradition)

                  Me and my brother were at La Jolla UTC just outside the arcade and ice skating area, this was in Aug 1992 (training camp to be exact).
                  My brother says to me; I think that guy is JR Seau (he was walking around with his wife)
                  We ran as fast as we can, the funny thing was that when we catch and I was in front of him I was mute, I was so impressed (I was 12) I could not talk

                  JR, notice that and told me, hey Buddy want me to autograph that cool Charger Cap you got on.
                  That's when I relaxed and I could speak, and said yes please.

                  Next day we went to SDU to see them practice and notice JR took more than 30 min after a 2 hour practice to sign autographs to kids (lot of respect).

                  JR is the #1 reason why I'm a Charger Fanatic.


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                    He came over and had lunch with me and my friend at his restaurant. We were sitting at the bar sippin cocktails while looking at menus he walk by and said "whats up fellas" as he went into the kitchen. We were like ohhh HELL YES! We strategized on how to get a pict with him. We ordered and about 15 - 20 minutes later he comes out with his lunch and sits down next to us as ours came out. It was 2001 I think. Seau's was really slow at the time, we were the only 2 at the bar. I doubt it's still in business. He came over and sat down and just started chatting with us. He was so damn cool. Just a freaking awesome person. Then I remember how sick it made me feel on 5/2.
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                      Your personal stories really grab at the heart. So sad that the sport he loved gave him so much mental trouble (concussions).


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