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Cin WR Trio Is Considered The Best In The League? Where Do Bolts Rank?

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    Originally posted by Bolt4Knob View Post

    Time of possession is but I want the ability to strike quickly and big plays
    Sure, having the ability to run the ball is nice too
    You bring up a good point - and I get WR injuries - but Lombo wasn't too keen on going deep after a turnover
    I think you want both. Sure, we want to be deadly strike artists able to draw blood at any time. But there are always games, maybe most, that being able to grind out an 8 minute drive to close a game is exactly what you want as well. When you’re up by 20, its better to close the game than score fast and hope nothing bad happens.


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      Impossible to rank our receiver corp yet because QJ hasn’t taken an NFL snap and Moore hasn’t coached them.

      It’s a blank slate.

      Then you have to compare OL protection and health and QB’s.

      I’m quite optimistic though as I always am this time of year before the injuries pile up.


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        The Cincinnati Bengals have shut down any speculation about Tee Higgins being on the trading block.

        Third-year wide receiver Higgins, 24, is about to enter the final year of his rookie contract, sparking rumours of a switch due to the fact that 23-year-old Ja'Marr Chase will be due one of the biggest receiver contracts in NFL history when his time to extend arrives next offseason.

        Bengals director of player personnel Duke Tobin, however, refuted those claims emphatically during the NFL scouting combine.

        "I'm in the business of making the Cincinnati Bengals better, so trading Tee Higgins is not on my mind," Tobin told reporters.

        "That's their problem. If [other teams] want a receiver, go find your own.

        "In my opinion, Tee Higgins is a good piece for the Cincinnati Bengals, so the trade stuff is a little ridiculous right now."

        Higgins is one of several players who are due for contract extension this or next year alongside Chase and quarterback Joe Burrow.

        Tobin's comments indicate that the Bengals are willing to offer him a lucrative extension to remain with the 2021 AFC Champions.

        Bengals head coach Zac Taylor also scoffed at the Higgins speculation.

        "That's why whenever you see the rumours floating around there, it's nonsense," Taylor said. "At the end of the day, I do get to call the plays and it's fun having [playmakers] out there. You don't really want to give that up."

        Higgins scored a career-best seven touchdowns from 74 receptions for 1,029 yards in the 2022 regular season.
        Duke Tobin told teams to 'go find your own' WR. So Telesco went and found QJ. I am of the opinion that Herbert has finally found his offensive coordinator to unlock his talent.


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          Originally posted by Velo View Post

          The Bengals have Chase, Higgins and Boyd. IMO, they are the best trio until proven otherwise. The Dolphins and Waddle and Hill, but there is a huge drop off after that to Cedrick Wilson Jr. The Vikings have Justin Jefferson and just drafted Jordan Addison, but Adam Thielen is gone now and their slot WR is KJ Osborn, who is decent but not on par with Boyd IMO.

          The Seahawks have Metcalf, Lockett, and Njigba-Smith. But their rookie WR is unproven too.


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            Originally posted by ChargersPowderBlue View Post

            The Seahawks have Metcalf, Lockett, and Njigba-Smith. But their rookie WR is unproven too.
            I like this speculative answer. Strong case based on their past production, and the only real knock on JNS's game was time missed with injury, which again, remains to be seen. I see this group as Top Five prior to camp.