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Great Nick Hardwick article

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  • Great Nick Hardwick article

    He's filling in for Peter King. I recommend reading the entire thing especially about his struggles with brain health.
    This has been anything but a typical NFL offseason for me. If you follow me on either Instagram or Twitter, you know I recently undertook an intensive, six-week brain treatment protocol at the Brain Treatment Center where I live in San Diego. It's an affiliate of the USC Center for Neurorestoration, a progressive brain health clinic focusing on the intersection of physics and neuroscience.

    I was turned on to the treatment from a great friend of mine, Pat Dossett, who spent a decade as a U.S. Navy SEAL. Upon his departure from the SEALs, he earned his MBA at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, followed by several years working at Google. Pat is one of those people that when he offers advice, you take it, without thinking twice.

    While he was by all accounts succeeding in his post-military transition, he still didn't feel like he was quite operating at nearly as high a cognitive level as he could be. From my perspective, it felt very familiar in my post-football life.
    1. I think I'm not as good today as I will be tomorrow. That's a philosophy that came to me after Philip Rivers and I flubbed a snap on Halloween in Kansas City on Monday Night Football in 2010 that ended up costing us the game. We both struggled to comprehend what happened and to piece it all together in the aftermath. Yet we had to face our teammates and own up to being the goats (not the G.O.A.T.), and get ready to play again in the following weeks.

    2. I think people need to meet Philip Rivers. While I'm fairly sure the negative perceptions about Phil and his strong personality have lessened over the years, it bears saying here: If you ever met Rivers, you'd immediately fall in love with him as a human. One word describes him perfectly: pure. He's pure of thought, pure of action, and pure in his passion. Go back through his 15-year NFL tenure and I can guarantee you will not find a single teammate who has spoken poorly of him.

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    That is a great article - highly recommended.


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      Agreed. Great article.


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        I enjoyed that article too. Nick writes quite well.
        Surprise us with a Super Bowl win!


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          What a fascinating read! Thanks for sharing.