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Most Memorable Season Openers?

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    Not in a good way but 2007 sticks out

    obviously I was on a warpath as a fan after the infamous loss to the Pats, then finding out about spygate and itching to see them week 2 for "payback"

    that opener against the Bears was a W but it was ugly, and scary because my long time friend/mentor warned me about getting "Norved"

    he was a Raider fan from the 70s so you can imagine I didn't take his criticisms of Norv seriously.
    Id often tell him that Belichick couldn't help that Raider organization post superbowl loss.

    every week his words grew more and more cryptic

    anyway, that Bears "win" didn't feel right and now I know it was Norv's influence.

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        Originally posted by MasterOfPuppets View Post
        Wow, that is interesting and kind of funny. The #1 game was the one I went with.


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          Was going to mention '86 w/Gary 'SuperBack' Anderson with a highlight for the ages...unfortunately that was Coryell's last win...

          '94 opening set the tone for the SB year...rolled to 6-0...Bobby Ross goes .500 for the rest of his time in SD.

          A memorable one for me was '01...Tomlinson's first game...we rolled Marty Schottenheimer's WAS team at home...Brees on the sideline, as well as Norv in the booth as our OC...the following Tuesday was 9/11 and my ex-wife and I had to drive back to KY...was back in SD a few weeks later for BUF game...ended up being our last win at rolled for 9 straight losses to end 5-11.


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            The most memorable opening game for me was the 2006 game in Oakland. I was in a sea of black cheering like crazy for the Chargers as they annihilated the hated Raiders 27-0. The game was Rivers' first start. LT ran for 131 yards and the defense recorded 9 sacks.

            Hearing dejected Raiders fans admitting that their team sucked as they walked by after the game only made the moment that much sweeter, especially after hearing them all saying before the game how the Raiders were going to stomp all over the Chargers.