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    Chargers 15
    Colts 13
    “We’ve got a good team. You see how we played for three quarters.” --Mike McCoy


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      Bolts 51 - 0 Colts.


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        Originally posted by FoutsFan View Post

        I just wanted to correct a few typos you made.

        Difference makers

        Colts Excellent OL vs SD Excellent DL - Advantage LA (not SD) Chargers pass rush will be brutal for the Colts 3rd string QB

        Colts DL vs SD OL - Even Colts (Justin Houston / Autry have been almost unblockable in camp) Rivers play calling neutralizes the Colts pass rush to a big extent

        Colts Special Team vs SD ST - Even

        Colts WRs/TEs vs SD LB/DBs - Edge Chargers. Colts pedestrian WR/TE are no match for Chargers secondary and LB's

        Colts QB vs SD QB - Huge advantage Chargers. Colts 3rd string QB would not be allowed to hold Rivers clipboard in most instances.

        Colts rush defense against SD RBs/ OL - Even Chargers have many good backs and the need to focus on Rivers takes the pressure off of the run game

        Colts pass defense against - SD QB.....Edge SD.. - This one scares me the most, but I think we force Bolts into being one deminsional. Even if they are one dimensional Colts pass D is average at best.

        Colts have been very bad in season openers for some time and have won very little with their back up QB. I think it will be a close game to start but the poor play by the QB for the Colts ruins it at the end and the Chargers walk away.

        28-10 Chargers.
        I endorse this. Like I said in my prediction, the only way the Bolts lose is if the OL is a complete fail. I don't think that is going to happen.


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          Bolts 16
          Colts 7


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            Originally posted by captaind View Post
            Chargers 15
            Colts 13
            Long kicks game-winning 52-yard FG...


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              Originally posted by SDBORN View Post

              Hate to be negative, but it's hard not to be pessimissitic with what has been going on this offseason. The losses due to injury (non football related too) plus the Gordon situation. It's just ugly right now.

              I wouldn't be surpised to see our defense be out of place and struggle Sunday too. We shall see.
              on O we have the same two starting receivers, our Oline has the same starting five save for Russell, we get back Hunter Henry and are without MG, Justin Jackson has another year under his belt, and from which his position has a history of near immediate production (for rookies if they have the said talent), and.... PR is status quo.

              Our O needs Trent Scott to be serviceable, and personally haven't seen anything last season nor this offseason that says he won't be, and we need a little sumthin' (extra) outta JJ @RB.

              on D our DE's are very solid, our MIKE and WIL look very well thank you, and we don't ask so much from our OTTO/SAM LB position, and.... will surmise that we should be steady as she goes @CB w/both Heyward and Michael Davis returning as starters, and.... we all know what we have in DK.

              would also surmise that we are plenty good and well enough off w/Rayshawn @fs, and w/the added bonus that anything Adderley brings to the table is gravy there, and we also can fairly safely presume that AP is gonna bring it in the box @SS and/or as our hybrid dimebacker, and that we also have Jatavis to help out in sub packages (we are susceptible to injury concerns now that we're minus Derwin for a bit).

              my main concern on D is our IDL, as Liuget was pretty darn good when he was on the field and took things up a notch there for us last year, and.... that said, Justin Jones is ready to go and Tillery has a history of getting pressure on the QB, and even tho I be dissin' some of the aforementioned and others.... we were ranked top ten in run D last year

              we have DK as our returner which is a huge plus, and don't have much of a reason to think that Ty Long can't hold it down 'til Money Badger returns to the fold.

              as far as the Colts go, Quentin Nelson is a stud, and there are a coupla few others on that side of the ball to think well of, and.... see Jacoby Brissett's regular season record of late.... big trouble for Indy there.

              on D Darius Leonard was all world last year and they have good depth pretty much across the board, and.... is there anyone who really scares you on their team ??

              (and to answer that in terms of Charger players and if I was the Colts.... would be wary of not overcompensating for the presence of PR and Keenan and even Henry Hunter.... on D we have Bosa and think you might even be able to throw Thomas Davis into that conversation as well ?)

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