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  • Out of Town Charger Fan

    I've been a member here for, a long time. I'd say how long but I honestly have no idea. I didn't realize when I signed up, I was joining a group of brothers, or I'd have noted it.

    I don't live in southern California. I haven't since 1989. But this forum has let me be with a community of friends and fans equally passionate for this team. A place to share in the fun and tragedy that is the Chargers. A place who understands when this team has driven me to insanity or elation. A place to argue and discuss and disagree and get mad and share joy.

    That extends beyond football. I haven't met a single one of these guys, but it really is a group of brothers. The support we've given for, just... life... is incredible. This is an incredible community. I'm proud to be a part of it.